China’s entrepreneurial spirit of entrepreneurship gradually mature

Abstract China’s entrepreneurial spirit presents an upward trend, while the ecological system of venture capital is maturing.

Tencent science and technology news, the Financial Times wrote that China’s entrepreneurial culture is booming, China’s new generation of entrepreneurs have more background. Affected by the western corporate culture, Chinese young people no longer favor the traditional large enterprises. However, the biggest problem is that China’s entrepreneurial culture threshold is too low.

article reads as follows:

An office building basement hanqixiren

northwest of Beijing, a group of would-be entrepreneurs around a computer screen, be absorbed in watching their latest product prototype. A few kilometers away, about indoor more luxurious underground in a warm and decoration, a manager and entrepreneur team composed of 30 people are talking about ideas for new products.

these two teams are the epitome of China’s growing entrepreneurial culture. As the United States and European schools reported a large number of students committed to operating its own company, Chinese business school also found students eager to become entrepreneurs summon wind and call for rain.

China entrepreneurship

Wang Yi, founder of

English online teaching services, said: innovation is a fascinating new thing." Fluency in English learning for Chinese smartphone users. 2013, said Apple’s Store fluent in the selection of China’s annual selection of App list, and is the only language class applications.

Wang Yi excitedly said: you can clearly find that China’s entrepreneurial spirit presents an upward trend. Top venture companies are looking for young entrepreneurs – a set of ecosystems gradually formed. In recent years, the company has been the greatest impact on life, Internet Co, and behind these companies, ordinary people’s entrepreneurial story is inspirational."

Wang Yi is one of the participants of the 10 week of the (Stanford Ignite) project. This year in October and in November, the Standford business school held the project for the first time in Beijing. At the Peking University’s Standford center, 30 carefully selected entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs think about a variety of business plans, some of which may be a successful company.

Wang Yi said he was a representative of the new generation of entrepreneurs in china. He studied for a doctorate in the United States, worked for Google (micro-blog) for two years, and then returned to Shanghai to work in an Internet marketing company. The other two fluent speakers have similar experiences. As more and more Chinese students choose to study abroad, China’s domestic employment attitude is changing rapidly. He said that many young people no longer choose traditional big companies.

Tsinghua x-lab

Tsinghua University X-lab platform also bred a simple entrepreneurial spirit. Through the X-lab platform, angel investors can access to Tsinghua University students and graduates. Tsinghua student development


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