Startups Farmeron bringing farmers into cloud services

Tencent Francisco (Obama) in Beijing on August 4th news, according to foreign media reports, the founder of most software startups to test code in front of the computer, and Marty Copic (Matija Kopi · 2; c) is to spend time on the farm.

, 25, was born on a farm in Viljevo, Croatia, surrounded by corn, wheat and soybean fields around the village. Growing up, Copic made a knack for making cheese, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to study computer science at of (University, ­, Zagreb). Now, he founded the copik with startups Farmeron, back to the land.

Farmeron is a network of data services, farmers can use Farmeron, collect about their livestock information: food, health, breeding, milk production, drugs or drug doses and other information. Farmers usually have huge data, but they lack training or tools to analyze the data. Copic said the farm master machine to get a print report. They get a report on health status, breeding, milk production, and veterinary data, and then sit down and learn about the data.

The purpose of

Copic is to connect these data directly from the farm machine to the network. Some machines are easy to carry out such operations, but for most machines is not feasible, the method of data extraction kopic have to be customized, or completely skip some data. Early trials of Farmeron services for farmers, plan to abandon the use of Farmeron, because they believe that incomplete data useless. Copic decided to use a very simple method, let the farmers data text uploaded to the cloud service in their. Copic pointed out: "I found that these people are very dependent on spreadsheets, we give up the fight against this effort."

like consumer websites like Mint, kopic focused on making use of rapid analysis and attractive. For months of eating and medical data, farmers had to use the number of days to input and analysis, these results can be used as soon as now.

Kapelna of Croatia has nearly 400 cow dairy farmer dimension Dean · (Vedran Bogdanovi C) the Norwich said, Farmeron helps to make it to the relevant provisions of the requirements of livestock are traced and sales, but also to his death to report to the insurance company reported livestock. The use of Farmeron on the daily Novi feed rations and fodder purchasing management, and often make minor adjustments, this is very important, because the feed costs accounted for about 70% of the expenditure of Bogda Novi farm. >


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