The new leading role of marketing alliance – the only media strong debut

      Internet Alliance industry after several years of development, so that we are no longer unfamiliar with the concept of the effect of marketing. CPL (according to the guide to sign up to pay), or CPS (according to the sales effect to pay), or, is a form of effect marketing advertising.

      the only media company ( was founded in March 2007 by the network marketing industry veteran who is committed to the design and promotion of online advertising and traditional media advertising. The only media company focused on the network media department of online advertising planning and promotion, including the promotion of specific forms:

      1.CPS; pay for sales results. That is, in accordance with the effective sales performance to advertisers, based on the agreed sales percentage of advertising costs. This will be the main form of Internet advertising in the future.

      2.CPL: paid by directed registration. That is, to guide the user to the advertiser specified page, and complete the corresponding registration procedures, followed by the number of valid registration to pay advertising costs.

      3.CPC: pay the advertising fee according to the number of valid clicks.

      4.CPP: pay the advertising fee according to the number of valid telephone. That is, in accordance with the number of valid telephone call designated by the advertiser to pay the advertising fee. This is a new way of combining network marketing and telemarketing.

      the only media network media business form to CPS, CPP based, and combined with CPL, CPC advertising products, for members of the site to provide a wealth of advertising resources. In addition, the only media also provides data for each member to return data in real time to facilitate timely access to information on the performance of members.

      the only alliance has extensive experience in the promotion of online advertising, operational planning, especially in the promotion of CPS, CPP. The only union also in-depth understanding of all kinds of difficulties encountered hard process and the process of establishment of the station in the station, so the only alliance to make full use of existing capital, provide a number of resources to support the only platform webmaster, webmaster support is one of the most important elite program:

      1 only SERVER project: the only Alliance for the webmaster free server space and bandwidth. For many small and medium income website, server and bandwidth costs annual expenditure is likely to be a major cost of the website operation, webmaster can through the exchange of resources and the only alliance to improve their network revenue and reduce operating costs. The only member of the alliance can submit a web site in the background of the large server space


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