Su Kang Kang click advertising money into the grave

in Baidu search "Wangzhuan", can be found about 28100000 pages, search for "make money online", can be found about 9350000 pages. Every day in the Baidu search "Wangzhuan" and "make money online" Internet users were 2500 people and 650 people. Among these Internet users, the majority of young people between the ages of 20 to the age of the majority of men accounted for nearly 80%, IT practitioners and students occupy the main. We open a "higher" Baidu search results, the first 10 pages in the web site, there are 7 in the recommended similar click advertising to make money, like money registered wangzhuan. Su Di Kang want to say to Wangzhuan newcomers: to click on ads to make money to the grave.

click on advertising to make money features:

click advertising history is long, at least at the end of the last century in the West appeared and now click on ads to make money mode similar wangzhuan. This Wangzhuan project, with a low threshold easily popular.

click on the low threshold of advertising easy to use, meaning that any person, as long as the Internet can do. This characteristic, which greatly satisfy the needs of the primary Wangzhuan, search, "Wangzhuan" in Baidu, it must be recommended in this Wangzhuan site. However, this has become a disadvantage – low threshold is equal to high competition, high competition is low profit. In fact, engage in click on advertising to make money novice, in addition to kill time, earn little money.

click advertising to make money disadvantage:

said earlier, "low threshold is equal to high competition, high competition equals low profit". Into a low threshold of the field, is undoubtedly a desert. In fact, Su Kang Kang was also engaged in click advertising to make money, then do is click on the ads abroad, each click about 1 cents a day can be a point of 4. If you don’t need to pull off the assembly line, click on the uninterrupted for more than a month to pay $two to pay – site. Continue to do so, a standard calculation, toil, even if it is also not enough electricity. More importantly, this mode of money seriously limits their knowledge of the network to make money. The domestic click advertising to make money, the price is lower than the foreign click advertising, it is impossible to make any money.

: click Wangzhuan into the grave

click on the ads to make money, referred to as "click Wangzhuan", also known as the "energy-saving" has been in the minds of the Wangzhuan beginners stay too long, it is time to put it into the grave. If you click on advertising can be profitable, then, advertising is certainly profitable, and certainly higher than the former. As Su Dikang said: "the online money making idea is the same, in reality, low threshold and approachable, certainly is the lowest income, so, also, in the online, click on the ads to make money is certainly the lowest return Wangzhuan form. This Wangzhuan form has to stay too long, imprison the minds of many, Su Di Kang believes that it is time to put it into the grave.



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