Make use of Taobao small Skynet guest day to earn one hundred yuan

Taobao Taobao launched a customer, can be described as popular, this is nothing more than two reasons, one is the credit side, we all know the lack of credit on the network, but Taobao credit is relatively strong. The two is the Taobao customers only need you to promote, wait for the money, you don’t need to sell their own.

so how to use Taobao to make money, like some friends that way a lot, but few are practical. In fact, Taobao is not a worry off work, also requires a certain skill, hand eye and brain, are indispensable. Based on the past to do the experience of Taobao customers, I put Taobao promotion is divided into two ways. If each is summed up in two words, one is quantity, the other is quality. The number is made propaganda, but also don’t go to the forums, you can find a free space, then buy a domain name, for each free space with a two level domain name, domain name included grade two is good. Then find a CMS guest program, can be collected, best can automatic pseudo original, it is easy to include. Then hang up your PID, wait for the money. Here is not a number two, but one thousand or more, you can think of. Each space brings you 10 IP every day, the one thousand station is the flow of ten thousand. So how much revenue a day? Of course, there are some skills, such as what keywords, the best one with each station keywords. There is not in a free space service provider, or you are waiting to be sealed, the benefits of doing so are we all know free space is not very stable, Zhibuding day off, so decentralized investment concentrated net, with investment in the stock market a reason, do not hang in the same rope.

said the second is the quality, do you see Taobao customers, they have a station every day tens of thousands of traffic, of course Bixinxin to do thousands of stations come easy. But it’s not easy to do this. Of course, if you have a good level of SEO, is the old webmaster for many years, then recommend you do a station, and then advocate the station. If we separate Qi size, there are too many types of goods do not choose the control between the one or two species. Then do a single page. Page layout is conducive to the collection, so that Baidu can come to some traffic. As far as possible to choose a higher commission, such as breast enhancement, women’s clothing, whitening products. Then go to buy union advertising, you need to control the flow, such as every thousand IP can have several volumes, as long as the appropriate control of daily income is very stable, as long as the profit is greater than the input, then increase the investment. How much do you think every day, of course, there are skills, such as the choice of the alliance, the choice of advertising sites. What site traffic quality and so on.

these two methods, the first need a high degree of execution, the advantage is that you do not need to invest, or very little investment. The second is to save time and effort, but the need for investment, and must control the investment ratio.

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