The realization of the mobile nternet business flow is king

sponsored by the entrepreneur "2012 entrepreneur entrepreneur conference and the 100 annual awards ceremony in Beijing on December 1-2 at the Millennium Minneapolis Beijing wine was held, the meeting with" dream illuminate reality "as the theme. The 2012 annual meeting is a grand gathering of China’s new wave of business leaders, high growth companies CEO and top investors. It is an important meeting to exchange experiences, explore business opportunities and future business trends. The morning of December 2nd special discussion, the current situation of the development of the field of sing founder Chen Hua Chen Chaoren, co-founder, Iron Chef shook me see vice president Chen Ziming, ink weather founder Jin Li, love to help network CEO Liu Jianguo, TouchPal technology CEO Wang Jialiang for mobile Internet are discussed together.


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mobile Internet trends

sing founder Chen Hua said: compared with last year’s Internet trends, this year’s mobile Internet has several achievements. The growth rate of the first user is very fast. Second mobile Internet space is very large, there are a lot of new directions and new things, may not have people to think, but the opportunity is there. Third, today’s mobile Internet is a new market."

gold plow entrepreneurial feeling is, along with the rapid development of mobile Internet, ink weather both in Symbian or Android and apple IOS, the number of users are more and more fast growth. He also revealed that the international version of ink weather to try, but the market reaction is not very good, he suggested that entrepreneurs if you want to enter the international market, we must do some research.

love to help network CEO Liu Jianguo noticed, has attracted much attention in the development of the past 2012 LBS and O2O, such as apple and Google maps, which he thinks is of a strategic move in move. He also suggested that if we do the mobile Internet business, we must pay attention to two points: one is a number of features of the phone, such as to make full use of the advantages of LBS. The second sharpening, the product in the end what the problem is resolved, which touched the user pain points, this is very important.

touch treasure technology CEO Wang Jialiang believes that the mobile Internet may face a large area next year, the collapse of the scene.

How to achieve


how will the cash flow, Chen Hua said: "there is such a function on the game karaoke singing, and we can say that cooperation, cooperation in the sing, audition, his spokesperson, so we put the game open K, this function may be formally issued on Monday."

chef shook co-founder Chen Chaoren said: "as a dining area, to think in the short term is impossible to make a lot of money, but we also try to do in, say we are now with the industry about eleven companies.


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