Amoy novice the gap between dream and reality is who

with the development of Internet, online shopping has become more and more young people choose, as promotion and marketing, Taobao customers are constantly develop and grow, they through the promotion and publicity of Taobao seller products, according to different commission rates to obtain more or less commission. This type of marketing is basically do not take the basic wage employment, income basically is the sales commission. The Taobao customer through to achieving sales commissions, as many people to provide a network platform to take advantage of the opportunity to make money, and in this way, a lot of people earn money, so to attract more people to join the Taobao customers.

for the novice, how do Taobao guest is indeed a very real problem, at first did not understand Taobao off before, in the mind also must have a clear understanding of how to correctly view Taobao customers, how to correct understanding of yourself, which we need to solve the problem.

first, recognize the relationship between the pay and return of Taobao. Especially there is no basic network knowledge of Taobao customers, really need a lot of time to learn, even need a Laoniao support and help, hands-on teaching. So, before Taobao off in the determination, there must be prepared, many passengers complain that Taobao is not directly proportional to income and pay, this kind of thought in which industry will have this kind of person, always complain, never to think seriously about why and how to do.

second, recognize that Taobao is not done overnight, is a gradual process. Success must go through the process, the development of any thing from the beginning of 0. So, when do novice rookie Taobao customers, no long-term income or income is very low, it is a normal phenomenon, the more this stage, more need to adhere to, persist, will have unexpected harvest, this truth in any field are the truth.

third, recognize the relationship between Taobao and work. Taobao make money off, the income gap is very large, Taobao passenger revenue on the billboard income is really shocking, it is precisely because many people see only bound to quit billboard well paid jobs, Taobao into the large army, found that not the case, how did not earn a penny. Even the most basic life can not be maintained, so regret the original decision. So, if you are a novice, the work or to work, spare time doing the Taobao customers, learn more, after all, can make a point outside the block in his spare time, Why not?; those full-time Taobao customers are basically expert, unless you are expert.

fourth, recognize the gap between Taobao dream and reality. Most Taobao guest is to treat it as normal, but there are many people doing Taobao customers, have a fantasy, a rich and naive means of ambition, I believe the future one day by Taobao customers they will become a millionaire. A dream is right, but it must be true. Through the Taobao customer earning proportion million for all Taobao customers must not exceed 0.>


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