Network promotion about the art of website promotion

Go to a company interview, be asked to do homework. Take a look at the title: my eyes of the site to promote the arts.

the earliest Internet advertising, the earliest Zhongguancun people must remember.

"Chinese from the information highway far? – North 1500 meters, full of artistic imagination, today, Whitehead Road has been changed to Zhongguancun South Street; today, Chinese has all the information superhighway to surf, but yinghaiwei has entered the history of the Internet, quickly became the text in the paper.

when Sina’s advertising is changed to Putian, advertising signs, light boxes, bus…… No way, everyone in the burn, you don’t burn no attention. The carrier Sina promotion needs media, now Sina itself has become the home of the medium, a banner cost for 1 days has almost 15 seconds and CCTV prime time advertising is. You cannot open a newspaper, almost all the above on the Sina News, once Sina sneezes, the whole industry and even the whole network media to cold flow of saliva. Jinshengxi. Not only art, but also drama.

Sohu. The young blood returning from the United States, back, twine and Gaylord Ponty, also brought the "attention economy". The more important point he is personally, do more than show life. MMS from miss to the Sohu team, CCTV tracking reports, one to the attention economy in Mount Qomolangma. Unexpectedly, a small, hand down with vigour and vitality in Mobile MMS, too, people get good luck. Web site to promote the art of color, there is no fox Chaoyang right.

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