Earn money to earn money, need to make a little money

before watching boring sleepless post flow value a few money? What traffic is more valuable,

? "

see a word very deep feeling: "what do engage in traffic?! why should the investment flow?! money!"

this is in line with the trend of many of my recent website, as far as possible to attract more people to improve traffic, and then sell advertising, or want to attract venture capital.

if this idea is the site of the mainstream thinking of people, so most of these sites are not what much of the way.


website of course aims to make money to make a profit, many articles on the web site of the profit model, are more complex, what platform, BRC, BRB, telecom value-added services, and divided into etc..

I like to simplify, simplify can make the train of thought clearer, seize the key.

in my opinion website profit model on two kinds: one is to sell someone else’s stuff (including selling advertising, to participate in the site Union, etc.), the two is to sell their own things (including products and services). No matter how the change can not take out the two, to profit, must sell things, not to sell others, is to sell their own, here is about to AD the devil rules

web site operators at the beginning of design website, to think clearly, you rely on what to profit, never thought with flow and then rely on investment.

the first profit model, selling advertising, it seems that the main direction of many domestic websites. To sell advertising for the direction of the profit site, naturally want to have a large flow, in order to have a high number of clicks.

There are different types of

advertising, and some click on the money, and some by page view money, some monthly or annual payment of fixed amount. Different types of advertising will also bring different profit skills, and sometimes improve traffic is the focus, sometimes to improve the click rate is the key.

why is this one of the profit model, but the way is not? Because of demand, more and more websites, if there is no second profit model support, click on the price will be way down. Said extreme point, are selling advertising, no one to do the real e-commerce, who will buy your ad?

second website profit model is to sell their products or services, I think this is what we should invest more time and energy and attention.

I had to rely on a few single Chenzhou SEO, small earned a

do e-commerce sites, it is important to be able to control, so from the most basic to master their products. There are many things that can’t be controlled by selling advertisements. Sell their products or services are different, you can play their creativity, original products or services can be improved, you can own pricing, you can build their own customer base.

e-commerce website is a long-term stable profit side >


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