Earn $over the past 4 years by Google

October 2008, Google AdSense Chinese service opened in just 4 years, in the 4 years that I have and many webmaster like every month excitement waiting anxiously for the bottom Google sent us dollar cheques. It is also a small sum of money to earn a dollar from the Google 4 years of advertising commissions, but most of them were evaporated in the stock market crash that began in the past 08 years (AdSense). It is also because of the Google AdSense and Google checks, so I have more contact with Google, Google Advertising Alliance to operate more understanding. In the Google ten anniversary, to reread his record of the relevant Google AdSense and $Google check some related blog article, some impressive experiences as "a few stories" and I Google AdSense to share with you.

One of

‘s stories: Google’s first dollar check surprised me

from the beginning of 1999, I have been focused on the experience and track network alliance (network marketing membership) application and development in Chinese, has written and translated too many related articles, so for the Google AdSense launched in March 2003, according to the content of advertising positioning (AdSense) has been concerned. In mid October 2004, shortly after the opening of Google AdSense on the Chinese website, my personal website quickly applied and was allowed to become a Google Advertising publisher. I think I should be one of the early Chinese websites to join the Google ad League, or maybe one of the early Chinese (if not the earliest) ones to get a Google dollar cheque.

I received the first dollar check from Google on December 3, 2004, the date of issue is: November 22, 2004. The reason why you can receive a check in such a short time is that the problem is found in the registered account. Because of the need to apply for a change of account, so the first account to get the Advertising Commission in the absence of the normal commission to pay the Commission in advance of the issue for me. For the first check, the blog post on my blog site in China in December 8, 2004 "received a check from Google, which was a bit unexpected," with a detailed record.

Google then put ads in the personal website of the alliance, a continuous increase in high quality original content, make site visits and steady growth, on the other hand, constantly sum up experience, and according to the suggestions provided by Google for AdSense advertising format, location, display mode continues to optimize the ad click rate from the first 0.5% to about 3%, the advertising commission income from the initial monthly tens of dollars and gradually increased to more than $2000 (including >


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