Pig eight quit network 3 years after the return of business

one day in October 2011, zhubajie.com new office building in northern Chongqing District, a district office is clean. Just returned from Shanghai, President Zhu Mingyue announced to employees, pig network is about to usher in the new chief technology officer.


not disclosed the names of the CTO is the first member of the technical background of the pig executive team, and other digital media from all circles: founded the company in 2006, Zhu Mingyue is the chief correspondent for "Chongqing Evening News"; Vice President Ding Ran is the "Chongqing morning news" senior financial reporter, another vice president Liu Chuanyu has been as the "Chongqing daily" news deputy editor.

a few media people in six years, the city as a base, established today accounted for 90% share of the domestic online service market pig network.

a few years ago, zhubajie.com used "Witkey" has become fashionable for a time buyer driven, the seller bidding service has been outsourced to institutions or individuals to carry into the site and get the reward witkey. However, hundreds of Witkey website was born in this mode after the flowers bloom, only zhubajie.com There remained but a single one.

but the pig "from the road is not smooth. Zhu Mingyue here has experienced a long but slightly frustrated the store mode "test the water", recently returned to "Witkey" buyer driven.

But he told

, "twenty-first Century economic report", with a new way to "match" 300 thousand buyers and 7 million 800 thousand Witkey to zhubajie.com, rather than simply replicating the user data through the acquisition of the introduction of CTO led the mining team, it is a key step in the layout of his.

to do business transactions entrepreneurs can not go Taobao shop old road." When a reporter asked about the progress of the store mode, Zhu Mingyue straightforward answer.

Zhu Bajie in the early stage of development, to reward Witkey task is usually relatively simple, cycle is long, such as name, writing and design Logo. The cold start period through 2006 and 2007, more and more sellers gathered in to enhance the visibility of the pig online, even some advertising companies also began to pick a single platform.

Fermentation of

cluster effect, let Zhu Mingyue thought to break the single reward bid, start the construction market, shops to the corresponding Taobao shops sell physical goods, the pig shop is selling service. The water from the beginning of 2008, similar to the Taobao mall, the pig gradually to standard guide sellers settled, and try to make a small business or studio "incubator", independent packaging service providers, store brand culture.

however, the store has more to win the facade effect. Even if the pig network recently the total monthly turnover exceeded 1 billion 300 million, of which 80% of the share is still the traditional Witkey price: Shop entrenched and did not bring enough trading floor.

Zhu Mingyue reflect the store model found that the service business and Taobao to sell >


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