5 ways of network technology Wangzhuan the novice zero

network to make money seems to be a lot of people’s dream, because of the misunderstanding has always been to make money online has been understood as a little bit of the mouse every day to see the film will be able to make money projects. Although the network is not so simple to make money, but for the novice, the network is not impossible to make money. Even if you don’t know how to make money through building a website, also not is not Wangzhuan, even if you just know how to click the mouse, but also can make money online.

1: Taobao and other Internet marketing to make money

is currently the most popular online marketing network to make money, that is, Taobao off. Because of its low threshold of entry, profit is relatively high, so that the novice to participate in more. Even if you do not understand any technology, there is no money, but also can make money in this way. In fact, this kind of network marketing in addition to Taobao off, there are still a lot of network. This is a way to gain profit through the sale of the network, the need to operate the people have a certain marketing ability, can really operate.

in fact, if you have the source, you can also shop to make money. For example, to pat, Taobao, ah, such as the provision of local network shops, choose to open the network store, do network marketing, then, only a good operation, but also to make money. Just because of the low profit network sales, so that it is generally difficult to find a good source.

two: Internet writer


is currently like A5, Adsense station, and other sites, are able to write soft. A lot of people may think that the article does not pay the amount of writing here, is not going to get any profit, but otherwise, in fact, these things are still relatively high profits. For example, some large forum, will recruit some writers, and help them to write some promotional articles, in order to obtain income.

there is also a blog to give some money. Pay the royalties according to the article, is a good mode of operation.

three: offline commission income

to promote money is currently more popular way to make money, the main method of operation is to develop their own downline, and the development of their downline also offline. Charge 5%-20% between the downline commission. Many people misunderstand this is a pyramid scheme, in fact, it is just a promotion model. The definition of pyramid selling is to pay a certain fee as a condition to join, and this site is mostly free to participate, so there is no marketing nature. At present, this kind of site a lot, but unfortunately, because of the operation of this site is mostly personal webmaster, so there will be a lot of the site is not good faith phenomenon. At present, the Commission is relatively high, and the integrity of the site, such as 58task.com, is better. Offline Commission is relatively high site. Also pay attention to the operation of this site, many of which are required to pay to participate in, these are deceptive, is the true nature of the MLM, we need to pay attention, do not be fooled.

four: money blog


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