Entrepreneurial opportunities in the nternet Finance those online financial security startups


security concept in the United States is very hot, especially in the financial, data security direction, but rarely sought after in china. Start-up companies, in 2013 the entire Silicon Valley close to 100 security services related companies to invest. Mature foreign companies, nearly 300 listed companies to provide financial services technology, risk, security companies, is the performance of classification of all increase ranked second, second only to the classification of retail banking services. In addition, the acquisition of events involving security, there are dozens of. With the recent wave of Internet banking, as well as the recent Ctrip and other Internet Co frequent accidents, risk, security related services will gradually enter people’s vision.

this article on a number of typical financial security services company, focusing on the application of anti fraud services in all aspects of investment perspective, to explore the next financial online security entrepreneurial opportunities.

a, ThreatMetrix

ThreatMetrix is a typical mobile internet security vendors with growing up, 3 years to become the world’s largest online protection platform, the latest data of 2014 online users is 160 million, more than 500 million real transactions each month, more than 2 billion of the terminal 40% is from outside the United States International users. Security products "ThreatMetrix cybercrime protection platform" (Cybercrime Defender Platform), initially mainly engaged in equipment authentication, online payment security services, in 2012 after the acquisition of security software company TrustDefender to the full range of security services of personal mobile devices. In March this year completed a $20 million E round of financing, investors include Adams Street, Partners August Capital (D $18 million round of investment), Technology Venture Partners, US Venture Partners, Tenaya Capital, CM Capital Investments, a total of $56 million 400 thousand financing (including TrustDefender). ThreatMetrix in the world for more than 2500 customers, more than 10000 sites provide online, real-time anti fraud, identity, transaction security services.

like identity authentication also includes 41st Parameter Inc. and Iovation Inc, the former was acquired in October last year by Experian, which later became a dedicated gaming service providers. There are similar to the Internet Cylance, McAfee CTO founded the company, Damballa, belong to the Adams Street Partners vote >


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