The latest Taobao style guest Wangzhuan practice scheme

Taobao guest, this term has a long history, there are a lot of people doing. But now estimated to have been formed, the eternal scheme. In fact, we have some modifications to existing programs, there will be more effective. I am the latest web site to do through the promotion, maybe you think customers are also common promotion of Amoy, indeed. But I’m talking about ideas, not models. And this idea is indeed feasible, and now I’m 5678 web site revenue is indeed good.

well, now, I have already mentioned above, the idea of. My idea is to start with a flow of the site, but I started not to put the guest promotion code, because it is very clear that no directional high quality is no effect. But users usually use Baidu is a lot of. So, the first step is optimized with a guest not related but very good optimization keywords. My 5678 web site Daquan spent only one night, included in the relevant key word row home page fourth, ranked first in a week, and now has been very stable.

simple keyword optimization, mainly to the flow of Baidu (not to mention here optimization tutorial, because my hair is Wangzhuan Wangzhuan guest speaker program, ideas,) with Baidu traffic, equivalent to the use of Baidu search users.

second step I put on the Baidu search box, the Union has a number of times a day to retrieve the background, there will be statistics every day, a week down, found that the user experience is not bad, the number of search more stable. Repeat customers is also good, traffic has been rising.

third step, for the understanding of Taobao customers. Many people think that only a comprehensive promotion is to make money, on the contrary, the most suitable way to select the most appropriate way is the most profitable. I left here in the Baidu search on a Taobao search box, why I didn’t put it, mainly to increase the user experience, the user has First impressions are strongest ideas, think Baidu is very convenient, there is no Taobao search box on the left side of the affected me, if on the first day, the user will feel a bit messy no, I directly on Baidu. Baidu search is mainly to infer how many users will use the next Taobao search. After three or four days, the effect of the. Revenue data appeared, the reason why this is called probability, because there is no 100 percent for the first time want to Taobao shopping users, but some ordinary Internet users.

Here is a

5678 site ( to do the case, but we can also see this web site is not the direction of Amoy promotion, slowly step by step added.

this way just to do Amoy friends a reference, not really ask you to do site. Just like heaven and movie are not for six hundred users. So, do guest, there is another mode whether we have



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