Analysis of the reasons for the decline of the market share of Google Alliance

Google recently questioned iResearch’s research report, as if Google could not believe or dare to admit the fact that their market share has fallen substantially. But it is true that standing outside, Wang Tong published his views:


Wang Tong believes: Google’s market share is declining, and the market share is lower than the data reported by Ai Rui.

          how did I come to this conclusion? Very simple, if a keyword at the same time in Baidu and Google are ranked the same position, comparing them to the site to bring traffic to compare it. A simple example:

      key words: Duke address:
        Google and Baidu are fourth, Google yesterday to bring traffic is 25, Baidu bring traffic is 209. This is just one of the words, I have a lot of statistics, in the same place, the flow of Baidu is at least 4 times more than Google.

      Google China and Eric did not need to care about these problems, when people think of you when there is a serious problem, not to learn Baidu’s disadvantages: always go the wrong to someone else to. Google should find their own reasons, and then put their own practice, try to get more market share is the most important.


nonsense not to say, analyze the reasons for the decline in China’s Google market share.

One of the reasons:


      direct for several aspects to explain this problem:

      1, very much China users to download the Firefox browser installed successfully, Firefox browser default search engine is not Google, but Baidu, my laptop is such.
        Google China office to do the elite, do you know this situation? You spend money to help Baidu do promotion.

        Google spend heavily to promote the Firefox browser, users simply install a Firefox browser.


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