Comment Taobao easy to win conversion rate

see a lot of successful Taobao customers, they do not have a good ability to build the site, the site is not particularly proficient in seo. But in the competition for Taobao customers, lack of stand out, every month has a huge Commission income. In fact, everyone is very clear, there are a lot of Taobao customer promotion, one or two in the hard execution can be successful. If you are not a successful Taobao, or are eager to improve their income, you may wish to try the following methods to improve your conversion rate through the commodity review.

1 product reviews on the importance of Taobao

Taobao customer’s responsibility is to promote the product, thereby contributing to the customer’s purchase. Customers usually experience two stages of understanding and trust before buying. Most of the Taobao customers are doing is to allow customers to understand the product, know what this is, what is the brand of this product. You can find a lot of top rated Taobao guest website, many of them are doing the work, the most important position for the display of goods brand, and not focus on promoting trust, there are hundreds of daily traffic, but only a few to keep every single volume, the conversion rate of less than 1%.


CPS site in foreign countries has used the method of product reviews by heart, basically is CPS through the construction of this kind of website. These successful cases let us pay more attention to customer marketing psychology, grasp the most critical factor in order to improve the purchase of Taobao customer conversion rate. You can simply will want to see lots of successful cases in the Taobao customer forums, some Taobao customer Forum promotion, a post in the forwarding reached tens of thousands of, and post title mostly commentary and comparison about popular goods.

2 commodity evaluation source

is the most direct source of evaluation of Taobao merchandise store evaluation. The online shopping habits of people will have a Taobao account, Alipay is often used to buy things. Commodity evaluation is a very important information, we can combine the evaluation and product introduction to write soft. In addition, there are already a lot of businesses to prepare the material for Taobao customers, they have been modified into several different articles on the line. Such as cosmetics acne (specific businesses do not say, top, similar to the practice) will provide them the benefits of acne products and precautions, and then put out for the selection of Taobao customer comments. When writing a commentary with some discount information, such as contact XX can enjoy thirty percent off discount, plus QQ and Wangwang, so that customers contact you when you can make more direct communication, so as to promote products.

3 let soft Wen fly for a while

review of the product is not as soft as the SEO ranking as an immediate effect. Soft Wen to adhere to, a good soft Wen, after a full spread to two or three months to continue to force. During this period, we can through Witkey etc., to play the biggest soft effect. Choose a few articles tested soft, let Q net in Witkey forum, to publish. Increase the exposure rate of soft


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