From Techstars Demo Day 13 entrepreneurial projects (on)

famous American business incubator Techstars third Demo this year, opened in Day, New York. As usual, display 13 projects will be investors, industry analysts and media people crowded room. What will be the latest projects today, and which projects will become killer? Let Xiaobian take you to understand.

1, online billing service 10 Sheet


in the so-called re invented the accounting method of 10 Sheet, small and medium enterprises users can submit invoices, bank statements, etc., as feedback, users will get a complete financial report. 10 Sheet operation is very simple, users only need to register online to provide security bank excuse, then personal invoice by the snapshot or Fedex submitted to 10Sheet, the rest is 10 Sheet operation completed. In order to provide users with more personalized service, 10 Sheet will appoint a bookkeeper in New York is located in the user registration, they can help the user account, also timely answers to user questions. In 10 Sheet, confidentiality is the highest standards, all the data are encrypted, and not having to save the user’s Bank seal. 10 Sheet monthly fee is $69, the small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups attractive.


contact: [email protected]m

2, real-time Q & a platform Poptip


Poptip claimed as "the most intelligent and advanced online quiz platform, to achieve interoperability of its existing social network platform, allowing people to any individual or group questions through the platform, and get the most timely reply — even a real-time effect. For businesses, they can easily and quickly launched a public opinion poll in Poptip, get immediate feedback and analysis of the results, thereby promoting the effectiveness of social media marketing. Poptip currently supports the user to register through the Twitter account, and the account will be exchanged with the Facebook in the future, the home of the large characters give people a strong visual impact. Poptip founder Kelsey Falter, only 22 years old, she started the project received a $640 thousand seed fund.


3, online typesetting service provider Marquee


claims to be "network"


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