Name instead of mobile phone operator Sprint push StarStar Me


our memory is so bad that we can’t remember a long phone number. So today, the third largest mobile operator Sprint partnered with a company called Zoove company launched a StarStar Me (or **Me) service, allowing users to use names instead of their daily use of the mobile phone number, the name of the newspaper is the number.

StarStar Me is a service that allows you to replace your phone number by using your name, your name, or the word you like. By special words and their phone number binding, the user simply dial the use of * * name can call. For example, if I apply for the number of StarStar Me is **Raina, then you call **Raina (**72462) when you can contact me.

currently, customers using Sprint operators will become the first batch of users using StarStar Me. The Sprint also launched for StarStar Android app Me, allowing users to control their own StarStar Me account. Through the app, you can block the number, personalized reply to the message and deal with social media contact information.

current service costs $2.99 per month, and each phone number can apply for a StarStar account Me two.

and StarStar Me services in addition to personal effectiveness, there is good business value. Through this service number to replace, customers can not remember or know the business phone case to call the business office to seek emergency service, which is equivalent to the most common contact for the telephone (compared to the social network and the network call) the lower threshold, the province to remember the numbers or in the mail list. If this way can be popular, in the future you want to take out direct dial **KFC (**532) or **MCD (**623) on it.

has been a lot of Companies in the way to reduce the threshold of contact, there is no lack of cross platform operators of information and communication applications (such as WeChat) and Viber (Line, etc.). This is the operator with their own number into the name of the way to reduce the threshold, giving people a feeling of trying to fight again.


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