30 P sold a single rookie Taobao station

today view Ali mother account income, surprise found a single transaction, the Commission is 8 yuan, really happy if crazy, because from the site to the Internet today, a total of 31 IP. Luck is still on my hard return? This one really awesome experience! I believe the following record. I’m not the same as most of Taobao’s customers. As early as 09 years of Taobao passenger just fire, I have been concerned about, and the use of podcasts promotion for some time, what QQ, blog, forum, to promote local publicity, but do not grasp the methods and skills, in the end a sieve, Taobao money is what is seen, not to mention psychological taste, was also a bit busy because of work, promotion of more than a month to see no effect, slowly lazy to promotion. A summary of the experience, there is no patience, anxious mentality is not good for Taobao customers; two is not to understand the promotion methods, Xiamang; three is not a good tool, in the land of others to see others face, with a blocked IP was deleted.

with time in the second half of 2010, his colleagues started hot shopping at Taobao, Taobao and some guest sound color, sometimes people will teach you Taobao off what is going on, it is not the heart repent! Think, is the beginning of eyes in the dark one, rushed out of the ash face. Now have a reference and promotion object, relatively Taobao off the road is not better go, do it now, but this can not be reckless. Therefore, I got a plan, the use of a month behind in stationmaster net, A5, China, Ali mother and so on some forums and websites to learn, finally figured out the establishment of knowledge, SEO optimization, product promotion, soft Wen what.

has plans to go step by step implementation, the first is the selected web site keywords, key is to choose the long tail keywords, long tail keywords high turnover rate, and my new station to fight with others hot key, it can only be said to be presumptuous. With the Baidu index, GG selection tool, because I was doing Zhuangyang products, we chose what aphrodisiac, aphrodisiac, aphrodisiac Taobao Taobao selling drug list three main keywords optimization. I choose the key words are: first, the long tail, the competition small turnover rate is high; two core keywords less optimization.

chose the key word, began to set up the site, I am not very familiar with the code, mainly in the online download source simple modification. What is the hottest code in the 2010 rankings?. I think this is a static code, simple and easy to modify, easy to control, so I can save more time to promote. I want to do is not just off the Taobao website, more important is how to promote. Often go to the forum to see some novice chose some complex dynamic source code to do a website, wait for whole second taobao.com, you may want to? The daily light was enough to toss the code, there’s still time to promote, so tired the waist straight up at normal. This is not to encourage everyone to learn me, meaning that the new should start from a simple start, if you can make a small site to welcome your characteristics, and because it is easy to use simple, virtually enhance you >


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