Are you OUT See how Google uses data analysis to redefine HR


HRM new thinking – Google uses data analysis to redefine the ten new models of

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when people interpret the success to the leading Google Corporation, but the Google Corporation but firmly believe that success comes from their use of the excellent staff personnel management practice analysis "to succeed. This is a best practice to make HRM excited!

a new type of personnel management

Executives at

, Google and other leading companies have recognized that sustainable innovation is unlikely to occur until companies take a strategic shift to become an organization that focuses on the management of excellence. It is necessary to pay attention to the management of enterprise strategy, because innovation comes from people. At the same time, unless you have the ability to hire and retain innovative people, you can not maximize innovation. Even, you have to provide exceptional management and support for innovation.

unfortunately, the process of becoming an innovative company is uncertain, because the vast majority of today’s HR operations are carried out in accordance with the principles of operation in twentieth Century. Obviously, this kind of function operation belongs to the personnel management decision, which can reduce the risk and also accord with the laws and regulations. If you are pursuing continuous innovation, you need to reinvent the traditional HR, and Google’s process will lead innovation.

transfer to data based personnel management

The basic premise of

"personnel analysis" method is to make the most important and the most profound personnel management decisions. You can’t have a good performance, unless your manager uses accurate personnel management decisions. Many people believe that product development, marketing, resource allocation decisions are among the most influential decisions.

however, each business decision is made by an employee. If you hire and leave most of the employees is mediocre, and you provide a small amount of data to them, you can only make a decision that is assumed, they will make a mediocre in these important business in the field, but also in personnel management decisions.

in the fields of finance, supply chain, marketing and sales, no one will be in the absence of a large number of charts, tables and data support situations in their respective fields and put forward the corresponding solutions, however, HR is generally considered too dependent on "trust" and "interpersonal relationship" to solve the problem. Personnel costs typically account for nearly 60% of the available cost of the enterprise, so it is important to use a data analysis approach to manage these projects involving a large amount of money.

In contrast,

‘s success is largely determined by the fact that it is the only company in the world that uses data to deal with human resource functions in Google. Google’s successful business experience should be able to make any one who wants to seek the rapid development of the business executives believe that they must first consider the use of Google now use >


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