Amazon AWS Rong Yongkang to help entrepreneurs to launch products faster and better


2014 innovation China · spring competition held on March 26, 2014 -27 in Shanghai, Jiading. In these two days, more than one thousand entrepreneurs, more than and 40 participating companies will participate in the Internet financial, cultural and creative, O2O and other six special projects, with Xiong Xiaoge, Cai Wensheng, Zeng Liqing and other investors in close contact. The following is a global vice president of Amazon AWS, executive director of China to bring a wonderful speech Yongkang. He shared the public cloud to bring convenience and opportunities for start-ups.

for the following text record:

Rong Yongkang: Hello, I am responsible for the Amazon AWS aspects of the business, many people ask us is not responsible for the investment? We are not responsible for the investment, we are providing a platform for start-ups, with the lowest cost, the fastest speed to test his new ideas, so you can put some business models and technology they quickly pushed back, go to the market.

another point, we are relatively large, this is a report of the third party, the first 15 companies do a comparison. If you want to start a business, not only in the country, in foreign countries. If you take into account the cost of your own, rapid deployment, then AWS can provide all the efficiency of the.

there is a whole, simple to say, for some of the start-ups, especially helpful. Recent big data is very fire, but we have not considered, in the past to make big data, to buy and then recruit people, at least spend three or four months time. But in the operation and maintenance process, how to make the product department, marketing department for analysis, or to find experts to help you do the relevant inputs. But in the above functional areas of our platform, no matter what is the source of data, sent to our public cloud platform, customers in the use of our service, already did not need to spend the next two or three months, can really build a big data platform, they only need two to three hours, which is a great advantage in time.

for some companies, we really can be a lot of Companies in terms of big data, or in terms of cloud computing, to help them quickly push out. The format of all public cloud, we are in accordance with how much you pay, the amount of customer needs, you can increase the size of the calculation in a few minutes, according to the amount paid. If you are successful, you suddenly need to improve, from the original 10, into the 100 when it is impossible to finish so quickly. In the public cloud platform quickly, a few minutes to get. Some customers even told us to start in a few seconds. We are not just reducing the fixed assets. In fact, our competition is to compete with time, you can quickly put some of the idea release to increase the opportunities for enterprises. Of course we are all over the world, Europe, Japan, the United States, South America, Africa is not in addition to temporarily, so I encourage you, don’t just look at Chinese a market, you have a lot of good idea, in fact.


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