Knight Discussion on the website profit pattern

for the website of the people, the first is to consider their own creative is a wonder, someone in the implementation? Even if you consider at first, ideas have the real feasibility? If the site after the establishment, others imitated into a barrier?

want to venture through the site, but did not find a good direction for the people, the web site what are the good business model can learn? Is it really possible to do poineering work through the site?

to do site planning for product planning website itself needs to consider its commercial value.

: Knight that regardless of the site to the entrepreneurial people, it is only the site planning, site planning, the ultimate goal is to return to the site to profit. The important part of website entrepreneurship and website planning.

so, we start from the website the profit pattern of this question, this is the website of entrepreneurship and site planning is first to be clear, therefore, the knight will put up on the website to website profit pattern planning, implementation and promotion, and before the operation. The commercial nature of the Internet site determines that it should be given priority.

, however, the site’s profit model is not the starting point of the site, the site’s starting point is the value of the user, as long as there is user value, it may have commercial value, it is possible to create a profit model.

commercial value size and site value has a direct relationship, perhaps in the short term, the market speculation et al to obtain commercial value factors, but in the long run, a business model of success and continuing or can provide value for customers. The essence of the profit model is to create more products or services that others are willing to buy.

user value is the starting point of the analysis of the profit model of the website, and also the starting point of the website and website planning.

only to provide users with the price of their willing to pay for the product or service, the site’s profit model has real value. Therefore, the site must be from the user to analyze the value of the site’s profit model, so as to form a good profit model. (text / Knight)

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