The development prospects of Taobao and Taobao

National Day holiday eight days, Taobao’s deal will certainly rise a lot. Want to do a lot of Tao guest friends, will optimize the gas flow, transformation, increase the income, now do Tao Ke of many people, but the real money is little, we have seen Ali official billboard, believe a lot of friends who are jealous, but we analyzed people how to flow do the flow is how to convert it, I believe many of my friends are not clear, here today I will give you a careful analysis, personal opinion, also forget friends more opinions.

first analysis of the Tao guest must have the conditions:

guest let many sellers to solve the difficult problem of promotion. A clothing sale owner told the author, a guest, shop turnover of more than the previous two times, "they are used in labor to make money, we get fame and money through them, both sides are good, Why not??" it is understood that in the Taobao online, Taoke no threshold and through the "Amoy promotion platform, any Internet users can help Taobao sales network, and earn a commission. Taobao has said it expects 1 to 2 years to participate in the business of the crowd will be more than one million, at least will provide domestic direct employment opportunities for the 100 thousand. Amoy nearly a million after tax monthly income after tax monthly income of thousands, even part of Amoy million mark.

according to this understanding, when a guest promotion goods will get a promotion code, if users click on the actual code, entered the shop and bought something, then the guest account will get the seller to pay commissions. The Commission is generally 10% to 30% of the price of the goods. Some people say that the workload of the Tao guest is not big, every day only in the online hair post, to the user to recommend their own often go to the shop, so that more users to patronize patronize. Now, how much money to her hand. According to the words of many friends, is to catch up with the good year of online shopping, through the recommendation to the net friend to promote the transaction, he tasted the sweetness.

yes, Amoy has now become a new generation of online part-time pronoun, not only need to shop, their own experiences to share with friends. Without strong entrepreneurial capital, just have enough awareness of the transaction, you can get your own commission from the shop. The guest will become a promising occupation, or will become spam writers? Perhaps a free promotion way from Baidu Ali? Longhu to earn twenty thousand a week. Or more common, this is what I see in the guest online digital. This figure also reflects the ability of top guest.

Tao do have so few categories:


. Good to go to the major forum posts, try to recommend goods to others. "Of course, sometimes it hurts." But they will be based on the characteristics of the shop be arranged, and then summed up the key content should be recommended, go global forum. Through the discussion and friends, and then timely to recommend their products, plus the address of the shop. In this way, some of the gods do not know


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