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      Google AdSense Simon domain name protection list last mentioned ("Allowed Sites List" is English, is "allowed propagation site"), that was launched by Google AdSense Chinese group functions now all AdSense web publishers can use. Google AdSense allow the site is mainly to prevent those who steal someone else’s articles and even the advertising code is also copied lead to the AdSense publisher can not monitor the operation of the advertising and maintain the credibility of the account.


      but to pay more attention to the copyright of foreigners do not seem to use this function, also puzzled why there is such a function, ProBrogger Darren Rowse also released the news, and wrote "From what I can tell it s a protective measure for" publishers concerned that their AdSense ad code might be used on sites that they don t authorize that could get "their account into trouble. I wasn t sure that this was" a big issue but I guess we "- ll hear more about their reason to add the feature at some point soon.


      Google AdSense allowed site


      for the official website that allows only English and simplified -Google, AdSense domain name protection Simon has released its list of the last of the traditional (using FireFox with Jane turned to Wen Tang conversion), so here will say no more.


      to use the Google AdSense website allows this function as long as you login to AdSense background, "AdSense" option to allow the site to find "this option, if you can not find the function of AdSense may be closed, as the last Googl>


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