Car easy to shoot Yang Xuejian uncle and do partner

"what kind of person you choose to be with determines what your career will be like in the future." Yang Xuejian thought he was lucky enough to meet a partner who could trust each other.


| and Yi Rong

black, large desk, file cabinet black, white walls, in addition to the wall plants, without any decoration car easily beat CEO Yang Xuejian’s office. When taking a photographer looking for a few models, only to find Yang Xuejian carry off all that one has two small, allegedly or a media delivery.

"I don’t like cars. I’m working on a service platform." She used a long purple small pot of tea, pour in a glass cup. It makes her look very gentle, somewhat incongruous with the huge office no confusion. Car easy to shoot is a to B used car online trading platform, look at the report does not look at the real car, remote trading. Since the trial run in 2010, the annual trading volume increased from 700 units in the first place to the unit in 2013, sold to the country’s 163 cities in the year of 100 thousand.

investors have asked Yang Xuejian: do you do PR CEO, or the company’s CEO?

car easy to shoot is the real". Four partners, three men and one woman. The only female Yang Xuejian is CEO. Before financing, petite Yang Xuejian led three tall men together to see investors, "stand on any one of them behind the others can not see me," such a strange combination, make the investment people often ask such a question.

put women’s intuition to the extreme

chairman Wang Tiezhong is the earliest founder of the car easy to shoot, it took 3 years to develop a standardized detection system used car 268V. 2009, Yang Xuejian officially joined the car easy to shoot, the other two partners, Li Huanmin and also have been in place in place of the. At that time, the company is facing great challenges, the first no market, second no cash flow, but not much capital reserves.

Wang Tiezhong wants Yang Xuejian to market. But the two people on the market cognitive differences. Yang Xuejian believes that the market is to start from the origin of the first to understand the market, the company followed the direction of demand, but Wang Tiezhong believes that the first to develop technology and products, and then find the people who need. In the end is the market led, or technology led, which is the fundamental choice of ideas.

in the collision between two people, and ultimately Wang Tiezhong agreed that should be market-oriented, decided to give the company’s dominance to Yang Xuejian.

Wang Tiezhong often with others said of Yang Xuejian: "what don’t let Yang Xuejian think, once she misses, can do a."

In order to realize the transition of

power better, in 2010 the car is easy to shoot the R & D and business department office in two, R & D in Asian Sports Village, still by Wang Tiezhong responsible for business in the Asian city east three flags (Beijing Asian Sports Village automobile trading market.


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