Millet technology CEO Lei Jun iPhone complex brings entrepreneurial enlightenment

in September 2007, I bought my first iPhone in San Francisco, then Kingsoft listing roadshow has come to an end, San Francisco is the last stop, I went to the apple store, spent $299 bought iPhone.

remember the first time I got iPhone, really a little dizzy by the iPhone, this revolutionary phone no matter what aspects are amazing. In this way, I became a iPhone amateur promoters, many friends in my marketing under the choice of iPhone.

I remember clearly, when Jobs said he was "re invented" the phone, many people do not agree. Today, four years later, I believe that everyone agrees, old Joe really re invented the phone, and redefined the smart phone".

after this, iPhone each generation of products I have bought dozens of, not only their own use, but also to colleagues and friends.

when there are more and more friends with iPhone, the wave of mobile Internet has been raging, in the mobile Internet business with unprecedented enthusiasm, the world began to set off an upsurge of learning apple and Jobs.

in fact, as early as more than and 20 years ago, we have a wave of learning for apple and Jobs, no less than today, in fact, apple can say to some extent, a thorough impact on my life.

at the age of 18, the first time I saw "Silicon Valley fire" this book in the library of Wuhan University, the book tells the story of a technical revolution of Jobs and so a bunch of computer amateurs in Silicon Valley launched, bringing the entire computer technology revolution. From then on, the influence of apple and Jobs began to linger on me, and I wanted to start a world-class enterprise from then on.

after that, I learned a lot from apple and Jobs. For example, Jobs products tend to be all R & D, throw the helve after the hatchet, marketing and promotion of 100% over a period of time to focus on a product, even only one type of a color, do not leave any posterior, iPod, iPhone are so successful, these ideas of work affect my days after deep.

The more

, the more often we feel that we do not know enough about apple.

iPhone is the apple of the pinnacle, it represents the design style of Apple minimalist, restraint, smooth, secret in the design and innovation of apple, is the most frequently cited.


iPhone was successful, apple in the design skill, but also worthy of our study.

in fact, behind Jobs, there are many like Cook, Eve and Johnson such a master. Cook was an expert on the supply chain management is the top, Yves design genius, Johnson created the apple retail kingdom "


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