Four aspects to analyze how to make money personal website

How much do

, this problem is most is not profitable webmaster want to know. In the end how much money can not say. This and the site’s visit, the type of site, the quality of advertising, advertising has a great emphasis on the relationship.

1 access

no matter what station, no access, what do not want to, a point can not earn.

2 site type


is also very important, two visits to the same type of different stations, the absolute income will not be the same, for example: pure literature station is the general entertainment station, the latter must earn more than the former, because the audience is too small, relatively small ads also face. (this is related to the issue of advertising) so if you intend to make the site profitable, you have to consider the type of problem before the site. If other hobby does not consider it’s different.

3 ad quality

is the most important, the choice of advertisers must pay attention to the amount of advertising in the second, it is important to credit. If you encounter a liar advertisers, promised high advertising costs, hard to do for a month, will not get a penny, it is better to do earn less reputable. Don’t do advertising, a lot of people are said to you as if it were raining flowers, must be vigilant, their credibility, with the money in the late

regret it!

4 advertising focus

this should be combined with the type of your site. To consider what kind of people you stand in the general population, most of them need what kind of additional services, according to these decisions put what advertising. For example: if you do is to download the software station, then it should put the host space domain name and other advertising, the effect is not as good as the message to the entertainment station. On the contrary, it is not enough for the entertainment station to host the advertising (this is not absolute, in general).

finally said how much can earn. If you do all of the above points, then 1000IP is about 300 per month, which is just the general site, if you use a little cheating means, then earn about $500. There are higher, of course, one does not earn a.

we use the advertising alliance or we often say that a few, thunder download alliance, GG, Ali mother.

suggested that we go to apply for GG advertising, although the U.S. dollar exchange rate has been reduced, but after all, compared to Ali mother to earn a lot of money. Do a good job, the day of the site 5000IP, you can earn more than 1000 yuan per month. (more than 1000 yuan is a very conservative figure) advertising is the key to targeted advertising, and vertical advertising, more valuable.

QQ to the space station, QQ station will be eliminated after the code, the site has no what the future of the novel, all stations do not, you do not have their own authors don’t do it, others reproduced novels, you always do not go up on the flow


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