2009 the most trusted owners of money Union

Internet era, everything is changing rapidly, in 2009 for the webmaster will never change the theme is: how to make money!

is now the situation is that many owners are dependent on every kind of alliance to make money, really good union can bring huge gains for the webmaster, but if in doubt, join the wrong alliance, not to earn money not to say, but also waste a lot of time and resources, and finally come to a white


is now the money Union, the owners are recognized on a few, the following several aspects to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of several major money union.

first of all to determine, what are the criteria for the best money union.

1, observation. Adsense in determining whether to do an alliance, we must first observe the alliance, from what aspects of observation?

Whether the

alliance QQ group, if the alliance QQ group, then that’s good, because join the alliance webmaster every day inside the discussion on whether the League subgroup can make money, how much money the topic, no alliance is to build their own QQ group, then use a 100 to publicize their alliance benefits it every day. Join the QQ group is good, can learn from the veteran, often the opportunity will appear in the veteran of chit chat, after all, birds are all over people, know how to do to avoid detours.

2, the Union’s reputation is good, good reputation can be understood from the following three aspects: online search, enter the alliance website to view the quality of the ads, view hair announcement.

first search alliance information you need to know to make money on the Internet, see the online negative information about the alliance is not much, of course, there are also some malicious attacks and the fall stick, but can be used as a reference standard.

and then you can enter the site you want to know, to see the quality of his agent ad. If the agency’s advertising quality is poor, indicating that the alliance must be very poor. Because of the quality of advertisers to advertise at the same time, will focus on their brand reputation, will not find a free throw to the union.

At the same time,

can also look at the advertising alliance issued a notice to study the Union’s financial situation and capital flow, to ensure the reliability of income.

09 years to compare the main advantages and disadvantages of the main money union

1, Google Adsence

advantage: Google company has strong background, but its price is relatively high, compared to other Google alliance, more concerned about the user experience, such as the Google keyword right PPC has a strong pertinence, and is charged per click, and Baidu is different, this ranking is not a simple auction but a quality score and also decided to offer. It is worth mentioning that, because Google itself is relatively high-end positioning, the use of the crowd are also relatively high-end. Hair is relatively normal, >


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