Mysterious Cai Zongjian entrepreneurial road from 17173 to the listed company GG


IGG founder Cai Zongjian (data map source network)

DoNews game features in October 21st (reporter Li Jiaojiao) October 18th, online game developer IGG listed on the HKEx, listed on the first day of IGG shares rose 9.6%, the company founder Cai Zongjian only 36 years old, was worth billions of dollars. As the founder of a listed company, Cai Zongjian has never been outside interviews, which makes him seem very mysterious.

DoNews game interview with Cai Zongjian’s former colleagues, trying to describe their own, to restore the road to entrepreneurship of Cai Zongjian. One of his former colleagues as his: "laocai is a very mysterious, very few people can like him, do what success."

founded 17173

2001, online games in the country has just started to provide online games website information. Cai Zongjian and five partners together to do a game information website, named 17173, named "homophonic together together". Prior to the establishment of 17173, the domestic game information provided by the largest and most complete site is sina.

how to think of to do the game stand, different, it is said that Cai Zongjian himself is a fan of the game, the existing site can not meet his needs, simply do a. It is also said that he saw the potential of the game station.

As for the

17173 family history, is also quite legendary. It is said that 17173 initially started by providing the game plug-in content, growing very rapidly, and later gradually canceled the plug-in download resources to become a simple game information website.

17173 set up soon, Cai Zongjian was sold to a subsidiary of Netdragon fine digital, and is responsible for the operation of the site. In just 41 million years, the rapid development of the 17173, page visits increased from the initial speed of July 2003 to 500 thousand. According to the time of the fine digital CTO Chen Hongzhan revealed that in 2003 17173 of the revenue of nearly 30 million yuan, profit of more than 20 million.

in the 17173 period, Cai Zongjian is married to one of the 17173 beauties in four when Chen Kai became a story.

17173 was sold just left

November 2003, Netdragon chairman Liu Dejian made a decision beyond all expectations in order to get a large amount of funds, development of the company, he decided to sell 17173 to Sohu. The decision was met by Cai Zongjian and almost unanimously against the company. The 17173 is in the profit peak, is half Netdragon source of revenue, and has a great influence, and Liu Dejian sold 17173 of the reason it is not sufficient.

but Cai Zongjian strongly opposed and did not change the decision of Liu Dejian, Liu


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