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1 download class site: advantages: it is easy to enhance popularity, do not need a lot of artificial propaganda, update also do not like the news that!

2 Video: the country is anti piracy, to royalty, sued, be very careful, there is no long-term development potential.

3 forum chat room category: if it is not crazy hobby or obsession, it is recommended not to waste valuable entrepreneurial time.

4 Literature: Fiction Literature station is also a lot of a lot, want to do need to be innovative.

5 Web site: This is also good, the super lazy mode, without updating, little changes, how profitable is you have to do.


portal: ha ha, admire ah, a reporter, editor, technology, author, CEO, manager at a suit, you


recommends that you can consider the site type:

1 local professional services site: information is very rich, more easy to manage, hate easy success (it is easy to be large site acquisition, this is the need to consider the content).

2 applications based on the network: if you are very familiar with the network (a little nonsense), and love (assumption), the clothing you can open an online clothing store, products need to the street to find a willing to cooperate with you in the boutique, they give a price.

you will be able to operate, waiting for a profit, of course, you are willing to do a site to introduce your products, I will not oppose. Ha ha, I know a 19 year old guy, 1 years ago, 240 yuan to buy a space, looking for a free store program made a site, purchase, delivery center, are you a person, now do have a monthly income of more than 10 thousand net profit.

Based on

3 network service: that is, like us, to provide space domain such as proxy service, I know a friend, in his college classmates when indulging in chat, forums, personal home page, start from the beginning of a space, now every month can earn about 20 thousand, and more the better.

era, more and more sites, has been far more than the number of wool. Therefore, the production site, more and more easy to promote the site, more and more difficult. Recently, there are often many users to help me, I do not have much time, and according to their own experience, here are some of the more useful ways to feel. For your reference.

(a) navigation site login. For a traffic is not large, the popularity of the site is not high, the navigation site can bring you traffic far more than search engines and other methods. I made a statistics on my friend’s clothing network. Recommended only to the home of the web site is included in its pages, a humble place, every day to give my friend’s site to bring about 200 of traffic. Here are a few relatively large flow of navigation website to everyone:



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