7 misunderstandings of mobile app Entrepreneurship

and Internet startups, compared to the mobile Internet ecosystem is still very new, therefore, many of the first time to enter the field of app developers have some wrong understanding of the entire process.

the following is to enter the field of understanding some of the errors. Avoid them, will help the first time to enter the app development market entrepreneurs on the right path, and let them know the process of creating and promoting products, what will be the difficulties.

1 overriding: if you do not have a technical background, do not consider technology as startup vertices, so technology is only a promoter of your project, your company and commercial purposes is the core. You don’t need to know how to develop a technical product. Hire someone who is proficient in the business, or outsource to other organizations, and you can help you achieve your business goals through these techniques.

2 to develop a product, the task is completed: if you think that your app in the app sotre shelves, your work is done, then you are wrong. Development of a app is the easiest thing in the process of Create Company, so that users have been using your app is the most difficult part.

3 creativity is everything: if your idea is so unique that no one has ever thought of it, chances are that no one will agree with it. A Cornell University published papers had concluded that the more creative novel, the uncertainty of these issues is higher, this idea is feasible, whether it is useful, if there are no mistakes, whether can be reliably replicated. These are all questions about how to implement your ideas. There are many great ideas that have not been successful, not because they are creative, but because they are not well executed.

4 has just one prototype to get financing: now, the overall cost of technology start-ups than previously created traditional software companies, has dropped a lot. Hackathons contest, a app can be made within a few days demo and first versions. Investors consider investing, often looking for the user has been tested, the number of registered users and user retention rate has been growing products.

5 can be a friend to your creative projects to verify: ask someone to a hypothetical product feedback, you get is also a kind of imagination in response. Save your energy, and don’t go for advice from people who don’t have to take the consequences. You should believe that the people who actually use your app. A better approach is to seek advice from people who are paid to use your app.

6 marketing means spending: of course, paid marketing is the easiest path, but not necessarily the most effective. Sales growth is based on the fact that your app is really a good product, and it allows you to


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