Golden Wangzhuan four steps to speed up your email marketing

as the saying goes, do anything we want to work, can not be reckless! It tells us a truth, that is what we want to do everything skill. And can not blindly do. Again, this applies to our network. Here I talk about the network marketing in the mail marketing skills needed. Red Wangzhuan forum probably summed up less than four of the most important steps, for everyone to share, I hope to help you!

first step, the arrival rate of

no matter what things in life or on the Internet, we have to send them out, only to let others know, no matter how good things, if not sent to the place, then others do not know. In real life, we have to solve this problem, I do not have to say that we all know that there are many kinds of methods. So in the network? And what method?

this requires a mail delivery software now online mass software is particularly much, although the appearance or the price of a wide variety, but all have a common characteristic, each seller will say that they are good software. So how do we choose their own mass software, as the saying goes: a penny of goods. Price is a reference factor. In fact, there is also a free mass software, but they have a functional or time constraints. If you want to buy which software, it is best to try it first, so that you can use in the process if you do not understand where the seller can teach you. We use the main purpose of which is to test the mail success rate, if the software has opened the letter and clicking rate tracking is worth to pay attention to you, of course you can also by mail or FOXMAIL finishing sent, but this requires you to have absolute confidence and patience, but this way is too slow.

second step, open letter rate

this is the most important of all the steps. It is a direct impact on the success or failure of the marketing of key factors, so we must pay attention to this, for the writing of the subject of the message, we must have enough charm to attract readers. Understand the psychology of the recipient. Then highlight what the recipient is interested in. This premise is that you must be aware of, because no one will be known as spam, a few words will determine your destiny mail.

third steps, click rate

click rate and the content of the message is closely related, if the content is too long, not many people would like to read, too short, the meaning of the expression is not clear. So how to write it? I said we should pay attention to the following points.

first of all, the best way to choose a large black font content, if we use the format of the letter, the success rate is often the highest, so it is more formal writing. We guarantee the best words in 200 words or less, the key text can be bold and color, but the content of up to two colors. One of the most popular ways is to pass a propaganda picture or web page directly


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