ndustry insiders said the post media era, we need what kind of entrepreneurs

in the "home into the" war "era" in this article, the author seems alarmist explains his views: traditional media industry is about to enter the frozen period, but in the short term social media companies will become the pioneer of flow.

no matter whether traditional media admitted that after the arrival of the media age is already an open secret, social media companies gradually erode the traditional media business also robbed the survival of their customers. At this time, more and more entrepreneurs began to focus on how to share a cup of soup in this new era.

some time ago, Jon Evons in an article entitled "Silicon Valley" in addition to their fearless articles by several famous entrepreneurs who were interviewed from the side told Silicon Valley next development we need what kind of talent. For Evons, I do not agree. But it has caused me to think about what kind of entrepreneurs in China in the post media era.

super prophet

super prophet refers to those who have a keen market sense of smell. After the media era at the same time, the strategic pattern of social media industry has been basically formed, in this case a simple introduction to industry information and without deep processing reports (including the website portal and some other types of websites) has apparently been unable to attract the fast pace of the young people.

at this time, those prophets of super keen market will become the new entrepreneurs, they will find a new piece of virgin land in their familiar field, and become the land of the early cultivators. According to iDoNews understanding, Ma had a joint meeting in Hongkong, said: in the next ten years, almost every Chinese people will shop online." Ten years ago, Ma Yun’s Alibaba has grown from a start-up company with only a dozen employees to the world’s leading e-commerce industry.

is now the Internet enterprise mainly occupy the traditional media, e-commerce, social media and professional applications in several areas, I expect the next few years, online cloud storage, intelligent application (Home Furnishing, cars, wearable and other fields) will get greater development. This can be seen from the recent VC small start-up companies to invest in some clues.


familiar with the history of the Apple Corp will know in Jobs’s hidden behind another important founder Stephen · ". It is also true of the early products R & D ward of the Apple Corp, while Jobs is just a product promotion. He is a madman, he can in order to develop products for days without rest, it is also the early team he led apple in a very difficult environment in the development of the apple and the two generation, laid the foundation for the true meaning of the famous overseas Apple Corp. The famous American media critic Caroline talked about his ward praise: "it is a co-founder Woz than he actually.


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