Domestic network remediation opportunities to make money abroad

recently opened a Wangzhuan site, the website does not open, but to see this message: "because of a Shanghai room found a * * site, normal to the Internet, the telecommunications sector closed in Shanghai so its legitimate public room, resulting in thousands of individual stations can not visit. Due to the operation of the relevant personnel as part of Telecom and CCTV and other countries make, therefore temporarily unable to solve, the site will not be able to access the short term, a tremendous impact that the user "forgive me! This site is the original implication. The recent domestic network environment further increase remediation efforts were seen as "domain name registration will not open to individuals, not filing a fine of 5000 – 10000 yuan" and other industry news, afraid of being implicated in the domestic host domain name providers and agents, and many grassroots webmaster is Starving people fill the land..

domestic network environment, the government crackdown intensified, we do not comment on whether the government’s behavior is reasonable, but there are often opportunities in the crisis, it is not our chance. Conform to the trend, hero. The no, we can go abroad. At present, foreign host promotion efforts, have launched to meet the needs of users Chinese scheme, send free domain name, send independent IP, unlimited space, unlimited traffic, unlimited support station, domestic credit card or Alipay payments continue to launch, it is not only to attract attention and give people the benefits. It is important if we become the major brands of American host agent, every sale of a virtual host, will receive a generous commission High Commission, it is difficult to imagine, even more than the price of the product virtual host. The station agent Wangzhuan IXWebhosting and Lunarpages host brand, the sale of each product, Wangzhuan Adsense stand to get high commission, and the Commission owners Wangzhuan station will be returned to the buyer. Such as IXWebhosting host, Expert program, the buyer to pay a fee, after 90 days will get a full refund, which is equivalent to the free use of this IXWebhosting u.s.. At present, in the domestic network environment, this kind of Lirenliji Wangzhuan model is very feasible.

No fixed mode

Wangzhuan, only keen, the executive power of the people to seize the opportunity. The power of the Internet is huge, if you find and master a Wangzhuan mode, limitless money.


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