Chen ou do you believe that am a marketing genius

oral American co-founder Chen ou

May 16th, the United States top Chinese online beauty first platform and the seven consecutive quarter of profitability aura listing, no two beautiful moment, but when I look back, one can see the very scarce resources, support for survival was desperately. This is also a lot of entrepreneurs have to go through the situation: financing is not comparable to the old rivers and lakes, resources can not match the back of the trees. How to survive it? The United States "counter attack" logic, to achieve the ultimate style in the cost control and efficiency, for reference.


2009, Chen Europe to return to business, took the $180 thousand angel investment Xu Xiaoping, do the game advertising platform Reemake. Web site in August of the year on the line, to the following year in March, the company is facing difficulties, only 300 thousand yuan cash on the book. They do in situ transformation of the U.S. group, then make a transition to group purchase cosmetics, cosmetics B2C sale platform, Cheng Liju beauty products (hereinafter referred to as the United States), to promote the.

May 2010, Xianfeng Huaxing injected an angel investment, August, () the United States began to contact and VC. Until March 2011, Sequoia Capital A round of $6 million () investment in place.

at the same time, Chen Ou joined the "you", emerged in the various media, the first step out of the CEO self marketing. August 2011, the first edition for their endorsement of the ad available, the United States and beyond the music bee network, the first to become a vertical electricity supplier cosmetics. At the beginning of 2012, the United States is two times the size of Le bee, but received 40 million dollars in financing, the United States struggling with music peak.

2013 version of "for their endorsement advertising caused by Chen EC social phenomenon, the United States ushered in the development of the peak, the position firmly secured industry big boss. Today, the United States landing NYSE, the market value of more than $3 billion.

the United States how to only $13 million, into the beauty of vertical electric field. In the short span of four years, and the market value of catching up with where to go, 58 city and 8 years as the old Internet Co


Chen Ou summed up the keyword is efficiency. The young man said that he was always learning, summarizing, innovating, and transcending. In a money losing industry, create a sample does not burn.

and poly America founder Chen Ou accept the "entrepreneurs" & I horse thinking and summary of the interview.

to 5% shares also can not keep the intern

in 2009, I pulled a friend Dai Yusen, Liu Hui returned home to do business, do game advertising, copying the United States model, do a few months, found out.

this is a setback, Chinese market environment (with overseas) difference, let us quickly realize that in China changing market environment, we do not have children, transition flow.


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