Taobao customers in Baidu June big adjustment opportunities

since June, Baidu has made a big adjustment, from small start, included reducing, snapshot, website ranking drop or removed to yesterday this station was once again Baidu clean up, and some of the two level domain is also included, perhaps Baidu began a major adjustment at the beginning of June is nearing completion.

in Baidu search hot words and has no relevant master, this will bring a lot of traffic to Taobao customers, although the final impact on may not, because Taobao customer sites will flow back to the This is one reason why Taobao dares to abandon Baidu.

now Taobao customer personal webmaster is more and more, the highest income Taobao customer list also decreased from twenty-six thousand to less than twenty thousand yuan a week or so, but this income is for our personal webmaster is full of temptation. Half a year ago began to do Taobao guest, the monthly income is also a thousand, from the selection of goods to talk about the three points I do Taobao experience, I hope to be able to help a little novice;

1, to determine the promotion of commodity categories: women are born Shopaholic, choice of female products, Taobao can increase the passenger volume, for the novice, see every day with the transaction, full of confidence, such as "Ladies / ladies boutique", "beauty skin care / body / oil" and "selling leather bags / bag male / bag", "shoes", "cosmetics / perfume / hair / tool", "popular jewelry / Jewelry / Fashion Jewelry", "milk / diapers / articles and other articles.

2, to determine the promotion of a single product: after the selection of categories, the selection of a single product in accordance with the Commission of the total expenditure from high to low sort, so a good deal, the Commission of a single product appears in front of you. Cumulative increase in the amount of the higher, but also represents the popularity of the goods, the effect, as well as the owner of the customer, the higher the integrity of our Taobao customers.

3, to determine the promotion of the shop: find a good single product can also promote the treasurer of the stores and shops in other commodities, usually I choose a single product and high overall Commission commission shop shop, this can make full use of Web site traffic, also did not miss one.

for personal Adsense, add content, it is recommended to add manually, a single product can increase the content of the site, and re edited Baidu included good.


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