Recommended mode of application Social Bicycles with mobile phone booking rental bike

sina science and technology news Beijing time on June 4th afternoon news, bicycle rental has been regarded as one of the important means to solve traffic problems in large cities. However, due to the small number of rental outlets, small publicity, supporting services lag and other issues, the green way to travel in many places is still in the exploratory stage. A mobile phone called Social Bicycles (referred to as SoBi) to try to solve this problem.

at present, if the user wants to rent a bike, you need to walk to the municipal authorities to open the rental outlets self-service. But in many cases, the user does not know where the network, but do not know if there are no bicycles in the network; what is more, many people do not know where to return to the bike. Sobi uses mobile phones and GPS, the social network and geographic location services into the bike rental, to solve this problem.

Sobi interface to the map as the core, marking the city can be rented bicycle outlets. Users can use a mobile phone in the nearest point of booking a bike, and complete the payment. The user has a bicycle, Sobi will track the position of the user by GPS, not only guide orientation, allowing the user to select the distance closer to the destination network car, can let the managers know the flow of bicycle rental outlets, more reasonable placement.

this model can obviously improve the utilization rate of bicycle rental services to facilitate residents travel. But its disadvantages are obviously: leasing mode change means the great change of the whole system; Sobi will automatically track the user location, involving personal privacy; the more difficult is that Sobi is a small start-up companies, in the municipal traffic problems have almost no right to speak, to obtain official support is very difficult.


Sobi founder Ryan · zhe (Ryan Rzepecki) that "Qi, the cost advantage will be the driving force for the success of Sobi. He pointed out that the European city bike rental system, each bike costs about $5000 (including the construction of rental outlets and other expenses), but in the Sobi system, the cost of each vehicle is only $1100, the advantage is obvious.

Sobi plans to test this summer in New York, Buffalo, two cities on the West coast. Perhaps in the near future, we can enjoy booking a bike.

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