How far away from us Service robots into a new direction of entrepreneurship

[Abstract] when large data cloud computing technology, service robots can get massive data and information, work smarter.

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intelligent robot Softbank group and the French robotic company jointly launched

Tencent technology Xu Anna reported on May 4th

During the last week of

GMIC, face recognition equipment iFLYTEK’s debut VIP hall. Allegedly in the test environment, the recognition rate of Facebook. Xunfei Xunfei, senior vice president of Tencent Technology Research Institute president Hu Yu accepted the interview said, iFLYTEK Super Brain and education are the two core super brain education, super brain is trying to achieve the robot automatic college entrance examination papers, personalized recommendation etc..

and more than two months ago, is considered the world’s most like big white humanoid robot "Pepper" on sale. This smart escort robot was developed jointly by Japan’s Softbank group and the French Aldebaran Robotics company, to identify the human voice and facial expression, and dialogue.

also positioned as a family of intelligent robot "fish in the nursing home" at the beginning of this year the Jingdong to raise the public, although this product is more like a screen with the monitoring equipment, but the company for its positioning is to accompany the demand as the starting point.

in addition, the domestic well-known enterprises such as Ecovacs group, SIASUN robot have committed to R & D, manufacturing and sales service robot.

so service robots can lead to explosive growth in the imagination of the market space and how much it? Tencent survey shows that this huge market demand, but the technology is still a long time to mature.

artificial intelligence and other technologies to boost service robots on the next floor

Baidu Institute of deep learning (IDL) executive vice president, when he had to accept an interview with Tencent science and technology, said he understood the artificial intelligence is the realization of the robot from the perception, understanding, to the decision-making process.

For example,

intelligent robot Pepper can through the built-in sensor perception of facial expressions and tone of voice, understand the feelings of the passions, and to deepen the understanding of human behavior, and make corresponding decision.

at the same time, when the big data cloud computing technology, service robots can get massive amounts of data and information, more intelligent work. For example, intelligent agricultural plant protection technology is just launched last month UAV products can better serve the agricultural.

flying technology co-founder and CEO Peng Bin told Tencent technology, customer demand is a set of services. The UAV scheduling management system with powerful scheduling function, not only can according to the workflow deployment of personnel and material standardization, intelligent management of the use of drones, you can also run status of remote monitoring of UAV, according to a working agricultural meteorological station feedback > fly information intelligent matching