From the Tencent of Hainan village, see nternet entrepreneurs three trends

a few days ago, 2016 Tencent open spring conference held in Hainan. Open platform Tencent general manager Hou Xiaonan and Hainan Ecological Software Park general manager Yang Chun to the joint Tencent announced the launch of "Internet plus eco village construction, and the blueprint for the development of Tencent" Internet plus village "for the first time publicly. Entrepreneurship, the choice of the high cost of the North Canton deep, or more pragmatic two or three line city Tencent joint venture to entrepreneurs who have more choice in Hainan.

in recent years, a large number of entrepreneurs from Beijing South has become a trend. With the Tencent, millet and other Internet giants entrepreneurial ecological layout stationed in Hainan, Hainan originally known as the island tourism is becoming an Internet venture heights.

Hangzhou vs Hainan: the driving role of the Internet giant radiation

north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, the two or three tier cities in the emerging field of mobile Internet convergence effect is increasingly evident, such as Chengdu and Hangzhou are in recent years the rapid rise of the Internet city. Chengdu in the Internet industry to the development of software and network game is famous in the past few years, promoting the development of the western region of the national policy environment, Chengdu has attracted a large number of talents from the southwestern region of the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen City return. Hangzhou is due to the Alibaba to change the entire Internet entrepreneurial environment., fast, and 51 meters off the Lilac Garden, digging money, credit cards, pocket shopping, praise, babe network, many Internet upstart companies from Hangzhou.

and similar to Hangzhou, Tencent open platform layout in Hainan has largely changed the entrepreneurial atmosphere of Hainan, and make it gradually become the new hinterland of the Internet business.

at the end of 2014, the first 2014 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference held in Hainan, the Tencent created space in Hainan Ecological Software Park and the introduction of a number of Internet businesses to follow in November last year, the government and the Tencent; Hainan Province signed a strategic cooperation agreement to deepen, the two sides will conduct more in-depth cooperation in the construction of wisdom Hainan interactive entertainment, industrial development, ecological cultivation, entrepreneurship and innovation in cloud computing such as the use of "Internet plus", while in Hainan the first national Tencent public record layout space upgraded version – Tencent "Internet plus ecological village". With the in-depth cooperation between the two sides, the Tencent to promote more Internet startups to enter the Hainan Ecological Software Park and Hainan Tencent "Internet plus village" has no doubt.

In fact, in addition to

, the Tencent gold signs, Jinshan cloud game ecological base Lei Jiajun "last year in Hainan ecological software park. A large number of NetEase to leave the entrepreneurs even in the park set up easy friends entrepreneurial service organizations – Yi hui. Hainan and Hangzhou to take a similar approach to the Internet entrepreneurship – with the help of the giants to gather resources and attract entrepreneurs.

Internet entrepreneurship three trends:

tier cities have a siphon effect resources, whether it is resources, users, talent, does provide a lot of other cities can not provide the opportunity. But with the development of mobile Internet, the unequal state