How to ensure that your restaurant will never lack efficient staff

as we all know, the service industry is recognized as one of the fastest growing industries, especially the catering industry.

some large restaurants, almost 365 days a year in a large number of people, people are missing a day in 365 days……

such a situation led to the cost of personnel has become one of the largest restaurant costs:

for new people must have a special person training posts, after all, the service industry should not be sloppy;

constantly recruit people, it is necessary to invest in recruitment channels and platforms, but also have a dedicated staff to recruit.

these uninterrupted work, have spent a lot of manpower and financial resources, but, do not do not.

causes of this phenomenon, we as the boss of the staff demanding? Obviously not, not harsh, and even can be said that the catering staff than many industry employee benefits are better; are we as the boss does not know how considerate? If the reason for this, then it should not be confined in the catering industry.

is the real reason for the catering industry, or the service industry is a service industry. In the staff’s understanding of the conventional view that the work of the food and beverage industry itself is a relatively high status, or that is not to see the prospect of a job.

plus most of the restaurant, work environment and work are relatively fixed. The clerk has been assistant manager, has been the manager, lobby manager has been a lobby manager, no change to any.

training is fixed, school work, cooker cooker cashier cashier work, school cook cooks technology. The staff want more direction, almost no chance. On the one hand, the store is busy, on the other hand, the food and beverage industry to face the customer every day, so as the boss of us, I believe most of the hearts are not willing to take the novice to test the water, to hit their own signs.

so, can only go to such a dead cycle: recruit people – to get started – to leave the job – and then recruit new – training posts – repeat dry – feel dry for a long time no fun and ran……

this way, employees working in your own level here, not be promoted; do repetitive work every day, felt no hope, especially some relatively motivated employees, will choose to leave, and other places.

so, do we really have no other way to break this so-called industry status quo,


in the game to earn food and beverage circles, just last week, the end of the exchange activities, for this problem, many members of the circle have been put forward. The circle of Qin uncle, operating from a small shop, and now operates a number of chain enterprises, every stage has worked together with him a group of employees and team; and he engaged in the fast food industry is the most common in the catering industry.