2015 China nternet venture capital list unlisted companies valuation list, the list of active inves

IT orange is a concern China IT Internet business investment database and business information service provider, recently made a "2015 year China Internet business inventory investment", with the data and view, shared the 2015 domestic Internet business, investment, company listing, failure pattern, such as a full range of information with you. The selection of the 2015 annual list, including the valuation of the unlisted companies list, active investment institutions, mergers and acquisitions list list, suction gold list, company executives, VC2.0 star venture list list, review the Internet venture capital industry in 2015.









IT orange 2015 annual inventory report "the Internet venture" Crazy "the song of ice and fire" for all the chips, orange IT relying on its own database, on 2015, venture investment, mergers and acquisitions of listed, and the 13 industry development, investment institutions, BAT layout and entrepreneurs Facebook content depth faction analysis of mining, the next outlet, the truth deep venture capital circles "winter is coming" from the data.