Million color city jellyfish jellyfish entrepreneurial story

in 1998, I became a member of the crazy south of the 90. This is ten years away. The first factory in the Jinwei ceramic factory. From the beginning of the 500 month on my working career, with the company’s expansion period, I also follow the company to the new factory, the new factory named Yiyang Ceramics Co. Ltd. In the new factory, I met a woman who could stay with me forever. And there is a naughty boy in 2008, after the Olympic Games I decided to quit after 10 years of his life to the company battles. However, after two years, I found nothing.

in the early autumn of 2010, I am a person carrying simple luggage back home after an absence of long – Henan, but I did not go home, came to the provincial capital of Henan city – Zhengzhou City, I just want to see the city of Zhengzhou is not the place where I want. In the beginning, I had put to counter, but also opened a small hotel. In a small hotel in the time, I like to fiddle with the research from the computer, saying the first time I go to the net bar even boot is not later Zhengzhou city demolition, also let me lose the courage to do business. By chance, I met a network of part-time, which is on the promotion of earn pocket money, do not want to work for me in the eyes of others, has been studying the network promotion methods, from the beginning of the day ten thousand yuan to promote the network, let me make a pot of gold in my life, I was friends and colleagues are not believe me, you can surf the Internet can play the computer game

can also make money?

in 2013, a network colleague told me that the color of the city, said my network to do a good job, do the city will be a good choice. Because at that time my income is fairly stable, a month is 6–9 thousand appearance, just wait and see! This is nearly a year (now regret), 14 years on the eve of the Spring Festival, my colleagues had filed million color of the city, I said the city core products million color I have used over the years, I tried to make the decision, so, years later I took four months to try million color jellyfish, including during my little baby in use, never care me, for their days after the industry, still take themselves as test materials.

June 10, 2014, I remember that day, I got up early, and at the same time on the phone said: I decided today, join the color! Colleagues also asked me to the half believe and half doubt from the agency began to try? I still use a firm voice said: "I do not want to do big agent. The agent is not what I want!" so I started a million color Mall Road


in June 21st, I participated in the company held in Beijing million color network training conference, general assembly for a period of two days, the morning schedule from half past six to ten o’clock at night are packed. In the field of training: more than and 60 year old Guo Yinju teacher touched me, she is the founder of the zero band, the first to join the Sunrider, worth billions of dollars, a big age still join the color city business, "