As the content of entrepreneurship and many fields will soon face the cruel choose sides

Abstract: the previous content creators, a lot of walking is to write and excellent book, write and excellent Amoy mode, and today’s content creators, began to frequent and venture capital combination.



today, Chinese never appeared in the history of the Internet scene is staged with content creators: large scale and capital.

this scene does not appear in more than a decade ago, the heyday of the Tianya forum, Tianya was active in a number of "dronish said," like this "elephant Association", "six Leilei" as the content creators, they are Ning Caishen, when the moon ("Ming Dynasty those things"), ten years of wood (see "Water Margin" idle)……

this scene also did not appear in a few years ago the fame of the micro-blog, like today’s PAPI sauce, logic thinking, car Professor, micro-blog is also active when the very popular genius panda, the vernacular, scattered five mountains and valleys……

had a lot of content creators, go is written and an excellent book, write excellent Amoy to a book, open mode, Taobao stores as the main way of development, self growth, basically no wind power.

and today’s content creators, began to frequently combined with venture capital. According to incomplete statistics, access to venture capital Entrepreneurs:



in addition to a simple venture capital institutions, to promote the content of investment as well as an important force: major information platform.


platform to support the introduction of content initiatives

from the above picture, the headlines and the number of penguins in the policy for content producers, the largest, which can be used to explain the location of the market.

currently, client of information currently has a quasi "G2" pattern, and the Tencent news headlines today ahead of other news client, Tencent in the user stock still in the lead, but since 2015 has momentum to catch up from behind the headlines today.

in early September 2015, launched the "million" headlines, thousands of people plan to some extent can be regarded as a content platform subsidy war the initiator of evil. This approach has also been rapidly Tencent OMG imitation, in March 2016 launched the "grain in ear plan" has been no big noise, but a number of the intent of the header has completely bared there and then.

however, the headlines and the penguin number of escalating competition, but some other platforms have not followed up. This is because, like WeChat, micro-blog such platform has been regarded as the required positions of content producers, temporarily to make the cost and increase the competition later. Other platforms and less than the number, number of the two Penguin headlines platform, is xinweitu inadequate, lack of investment resources potential".