No matter what you do not know how deep the pit

Abstract: venture capital, experience capital and money capital. Either you have enough experience or you have enough money. But the reality is that many people (especially just graduated from college students) do not understand the industry, the funds are not sufficient, no experience and no money, there is an empty space and dreams.

I’m going to start a business, do online education. Remember to cheer me on! "

a few months ago, my WeChat got the message. I am not too familiar with the message of the person, and he did not say a few words, presumably he should be mass, in order to seek inspiration and inspiration. It makes me give him a snack.

brush WeChat yesterday, suddenly think of this thing, point into his circle of friends a look, just know he has failed to start the business, burn the money borrowed, owed 170 thousand of the external debt.

170 thousand, not too much exaggeration, but enough to drink a pot. I asked him what he plans to do next, he reluctantly:

what else can I do? Get a job and pay the debt."

The word "

" business ", the past two years was suddenly so hot, even the door of the bus station advertising, from the kidney treasure into the" peoples entrepreneurship". But something bad in "these two words long", it makes people underestimate the difficulty of entrepreneurship, that a company, hired several employees, playing advertising, will be able to wait for the money.

entrepreneurs younger, more impetuous. The Internet has magnified the success of the aura, millions of profit tease our nerves, but few people concerned about the failure of these groups, what is the state, where, now have what kind of life.

every day there are nearly 10000 new companies registered in the trade and Industry Bureau, and one of the 80%, will be announced after the collapse of three years.

the sun rises from the west, the market economy of the wheel of countless people come on an impulse, and frustrated.

like they’ve never seen.

1 entrepreneurial survivor bias

January 28, 2009, several young people braved the cold wind, holding the hands of leaflets distributed to each passing pedestrians. Leaflets are color printing, the painting is full of attractive snacks. Biscuits, plum, candied fruit, it is able to attract the eyeball of white-collar workers.

as long as white-collar workers are willing to order online, within 2 hours can be door-to-door. This is similar to the takeaway model, in 2009, the country is still very rare, very novel (


company opened on the first day, half a day issued 500 leaflets, attracted orders of 50 copies. 10% the high conversion rate, so that these young people as cheerful as a lark. A good start.

rapid development, only a year later, the scale of sales revenue exceeded 7 million yuan, the number of registered members of the number of about 300000. This model began to be frequently reported by business magazines, websites, television stations also invited the founder