Beautiful said Xu Yirong from 10 billion to 100 billion

lead: if also firmly remember beautiful transformation of that thing, think of it as a traditional vertical, too out. Beautiful said it was about to evolve into a huge fashion discovery platform, and its ability to innovate in front of Ma Huateng.

2015, to create a huge fashion discovery platform

2014 August, "entrepreneur" exclusive beauty when founder Xu Yirong, he tells the story of the transition occurred in November 2013 (see "the beautiful Xu Yirong said: a vertical electric Nirvana"). At that time, Taobao said on the beauty of this shopping guide website massive blocking network chain, resulting in beautiful said traffic fell sharply, had to make a rapid transformation of women’s fast fashion vertical electricity supplier decisions. Only half a year after the last interview, the transformation and the traditional image of the electricity supplier has long been the past, and then look at the beautiful said, it is too out.


one morning in mid March, Xu Yirong once again to accept the "state of the union," an exclusive interview, said the beautiful from the beginning of the second half of 2014 layout. I do not want to say that the beauty is a traditional electricity supplier website, relying on the expansion of traffic, increase the survival of UV." Xu Yirong said, "this is not the case, we have to do a subversive thing." Beautiful said in 2014 the annual total turnover of about 5 billion 600 million yuan of goods, in 2015 is expected to reach $15 billion in the next three years, hoping to reach 100 billion. Beautiful said the core strategy in 2015, is around the size of the 100 billion yuan in the future layout.


often soak in the beautiful fashion girl said collection circle, in order to find a combination of fashion and technology innovation, but Xu Yirong is still careless about dressing technology man’s image, wearing a dark blue cotton padded jacket, pink lace neck hanging card, often hearty laugh. He recently read the book is Horowitz’s "business only difficult", the book said, there are two kinds of CEO in the world, one is adversity CEO, a good CEO. I may have experienced too much adversity, is a stress type CEO, keep shouting, open up."

China’s economic development over the past few years there are two major trends, one is the rapid consumption upgrade, the user’s spending power in the upgrade, but also looking for more professional and more personalized service. Another is the technology in the subversion of traditional industries, the rapid evolution of the Internet, mobile Internet technology will reshape the pattern of the industry as a whole, from the mode of production to the profit model will change.

Xu Yirong predicted that these two trends will continue for more than ten years or even longer. Beauty is precisely to comply with this trend, the next three years, to achieve the transaction amount of RMB 100 billion yuan, or even larger scale from 15 billion.

said the beautiful core strategy in 2015 is hitherto unknown to embrace all fashion lovers, with fashion enthusiasts as the center, outside the circle. "Last year, we drew a circle, and gave them to


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