App to play a pair of glasses on the rise of a live broadcast of the era

2016 is called "the thirty-eighth year broadcast, according to the development status of Chinese Internet Statistics Report" shows that as of June 2016, the webcast users reached 325 million, with one to many live hot, a new live form begins to rise.

recently, shortly after the establishment of a video game platform to play a mirror holding 5 million yuan angel investment holdings, is China’s first integrated one to one live platform. Another focus in a show broadcast platform chat show, focusing on K12 education in a broadcast platform and cyanine I training, but also a New Oriental launched in 2014 on a live style high-end consulting products, as well as a pair of a video chat software Tiki.

this year during the Rio Olympics, Fu Yuanhui for the first time to try to live in, reflecting off the first show to about ten million fans gathered while watching, but because of the side upright character has not shown the naughty lovely, and frequently refused to brush gift and makes the scene embarrassing user. Previously, the network Reds PAPI sauce has held a live broadcast platform at the same time, because the fans failed to meet expectations, "live" and "pepper" two platforms did not rise even fallen powder powder 1 million 500 thousand. With more and more of a "celebrity" try to live so that the industry crashed, throws a question, even many fans Fu Yuan Hui, PAPI sauce will live because of inadequate preparation and failure of ordinary people, had been proclaimed national broadcast times will come to be questioned.

however, a broadcast platform for people to see hope, to live in a high threshold, not to attract the contents of demand driven to live more advantage, so to live quietly can bring a real live


difference: one to one VS to many

to live is relatively to live, live is the earliest form of the era of the PC show, sports games, and transfer to the mobile Internet, according to AI media consulting released "2016 Chinese live online on the topic" industry shows, 2015 Chinese online broadcast platform number nearly 200, mostly on a many live, is simply the main live broadcast to attract fans to watch the reward, the most popular play while watching the number can reach 10 million level. In contrast, to live as the name suggests, is through technical means, allows only one main broadcast docking a spectator, both because of different forms have great differences.

to live more like from the media, for active in one to many broadcast platforms such as pepper, Ying guest, on the main broadcast aperture, in order to maximize the benefits to entertainment content constantly (such as singing, dancing, talking piece etc.), and encourage users to reward industry profitability, Matthew effect obviously. Papi sauce, Fu Yuanhui live show was first batch boring, because it is now more than one live mode more like the media, and both in the entertainment on the lack of immediate play. In the field of more than one live entertainment, even if it is difficult to get a good live broadcast


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