Bonus period has been done since the media also come and do


content of entrepreneurship has fire for a long time, in the minds of many people, now is not the best time to enter, is it really? Recently, senior media people from contract to star group expressed his opinion.

contract in WeChat just launched from the media, there are many successful cases, it is easy to praise CEO. Yi is a set up from the media and advertisers docking social media marketing platform. From people from the media to the people from the media service providers, witnessed the whole contract content of enterprise development, the following is the contract point of view, star finishing school.

only 1/1000 of WeChat public numbers to make money

we all feel that the content of entrepreneurship too fire, often heard someone who is financing, and do not say is not really melt into the capital, about the current hot, we see some really big head? We see No. five hundred, including money, found little big.

last year, the number of WeChat public number over twenty million, but the real money is only twenty thousand. I said to make a lot of money relative to each week only one ad that does not belong to this category.

back to the investment, a little better public number, there are many investors chasing the vote. Some valuation has been three or four billion, when the fund is actually no longer into the right, but not the number of public investment value, so investors are very tangled.

the initial dividend period has passed, now since the media has become

a lot of people ask me, now do it from the media has become it up too hard, too difficult to make money, the content of homogeneity is also very serious, especially the sale of large, out of a hot chase.

indeed, since the initial dividend period of the media has passed, like the size of the ten reading books, depending on the early era of dividends.

not only after the bonus period, since the media is also facing a variety of difficulties, such as difficult to scale. It has been said that why so many people from the media, perhaps because it is difficult to mass production.

and, for example, from the media fire has its contingency. I have a friend do WeChat large, he already has tens of millions of powder, want to live now, have to find a few small red, to ask for my advice, I say ah, from the media because of the fire has a great chance, red fire is especially difficult to network.

moreover, a single business model, the vast majority of the current media revenues come from advertising, and occasionally from electricity providers, such as mother and child class, such as the number of logical thinking. However, this large money to make their own good, why do they have to get the money investors because of this large to a certain level, in fact, it is difficult to add powder. We can only explain that, after financing, these large not short of money, you can go to find the next business dimension.

to this stage, the founder is a test. From a code word to a person, the ability to become a company founder, is not the same. Ask him to manage the team, have the ability to finance


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