The tenderness of the road since 25 million users do not make it a real name social community.

Chinese as few workplace social products, tenderness has evolved into 1.5 open content community.



every intelligent machine users, presumably are familiar with these scenes:

your friend WeChat is littered with relatives, friends, colleagues and strangers, for them, you open countless dialog box, is often just talking about love with girlfriend and love, it would have to accept the boss in another dialog box in the work file. Look at your life full of dynamic, dynamic circle of friends, there are people in the sun and their friends intimate photo, someone in the forwarding all kinds of articles, of course, will not be able to avoid the occasional several micro business in the clamor.

can make people free from the jumbled WeChat


this is the workplace social tenderness in 2013 just launched on the occasion by the concept of "working version of the WeChat" has become the slogan of tenderness tenderness, when CEO Freya Lim, since that can make people in the workplace to find in WeChat outside the shelter.


but this August 2014 only rely on 800 thousand users won $20 million B round of financing of workplace social networking sites, in 2017 and his original plan is different.

now the tenderness is not like WeChat, more like a snowball, know such open community.

first abstracted three core flagship current pulse demands of the user:

expand horizons


accumulated contacts


self presentation


slightly open, the workplace on tenderness, can create content (dynamic, articles, service), can browse the contents of (another real name or anonymous, dynamic post sowing, tenderness recommended workplace information), you can find people.

this means that the pulse is a main content of the community, if you find people as people get information, the tenderness was almost filled with the content of the framework.

as for the tenderness of the social, it looks more just a tool module add friends.


in the final analysis, under the shadow of the Department of Tencent, too difficult to do social.

content by connecting users to survive become the choice of tenderness, evolved into a community, and continue to maintain the characteristics of semi open.

in tenderness, once you have chosen the occupation field of their own, so you see here, can contact people, almost.


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