2015 noteworthy female entrepreneurs Wang Shenghan from New York to study female to drunk goose nian

lead: "New York International Women" is just a practical joke Wang Shenghan, penguin and guide in "drunk goose Niang" is her serious performance.


| Liu Chen


every day out of the bedroom into the living room, Wang Shenghan will switch from the life channel to the working channel, this state has been going on for nearly a year. Sat in the living room of 5 people and the Penguin Guide "a small team, the middle of the two row of desks neatly placed a row of Wine, about more than and 30 bottles, all samples brought suppliers. This hidden in the capital of the North Third Ring in a small office space is Wang Shenghan’s mother sponsorship.

last Sunday in the living room, Wang Shenghan has just held a blind tasting, the people are the first to join the Penguin Group members. There are two red wine is good, but not enough to surprise people, white wine is simply not satisfactory." It was the first attempt at the Penguin Guide to walk down the line. They recruited members to join the Penguin Group to provide them with offline services.

Wang Shenghan

of Penguin Group’s members take "blessing" mode, the ordering cycle half of the year, according to the monthly payment to the membership by mail selected Wine. The average subscription fee paid by each member has reached more than 2000 yuan.

"they don’t know what they’re going to get, they’re willing to pay for us." Wang Shenghan said. She served as a small wine Secretary of the management of these members, each member has a number, and now has been ranked 700. Most of these people are Wang Shenghan in the "New York International Women" and "drunk mother goose" period of accumulated fans — in early business two years ago she had a "big network".

New York study female wine red wine

New York female students on the Internet caused a hot debate in 2012. Actually I was not in New York, but in a small town near Boston, Brown from New York, 4 hours drive, but I have many friends in New York to study, so you can always summed up the characteristics of this group of people." One of the most popular "New York International Women" series of video copy from all of the online crazy pass "two world" article, tell the students return to life after all don’t adapt. One night, Wang Shenghan read this article, but listening to friends talk about some things, on a whim, "will be more interested to play on".

"New York International Women" attracted onlookers in the Internet, Wang Shenghan is the Brown University undergraduate, also Xu Xiaoping fund it real practice. "Miss Xu likes New York’s female students." Wang Shenghan said, "I think it’s weird. I don’t know why he likes it."."

observation of the audience’s response to Wang Shenghan, but also a preliminary understanding of the market process. She is like a book, look on the hearts of the people.


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