The doctrine of not lying is old Entrepreneurs should not lie


a few weeks ago, the logic of thinking is the 133rd phase of the program "the strong fate" summary, if entrepreneurs are willing to bear the consequences to lie, because almost all information will be cross validated in highly developed Internet circumstances, most of the false information will form the public verification mechanism to filter out the communication by.

lies in the business circle as if it is becoming a fashion. The amount of financing required is almost false options; Media University gifted Huang Xiuyuan can create mark Tesla in 482 days of the Ranger electric vehicle, PPT concept car; from promised to send 1 hundred million employees, to tear open with Zhou Hongyi in CCTV site, to the joy of 90 CEO overbearing recognize counsels Yu Jiawen; Japan the turnover of 300 million big strongly questioned a field. We have been taught to be honest, but the reality seems to tell us that the doctrine of not lying is old.

has a lot of reasons for lying.

first, lying in line with the rational assumption of economics. Rational people assume that everyone is for the benefit of the calculation, if the liar is willing to take responsibility for the lies and pay the price, lying behavior is rational. Another problem is that if someone does not insist on honesty and others are profiting from the lie, honesty has become a disadvantage in the survival and competition, the formation of bad money drives out good money.

secondly, lying doesn’t seem to cause serious consequences. Each person’s own experiments have proved that lying does not make the nose longer, but fortunately, it will not make the nose high, or South Korea’s tourism industry will be a heavy blow. From the outside, the Internet can be through internal self purification function by multiple check, automatic and effective identification and reduce the false information noise. The Internet everywhere people diligently the human search and shell, know almost everywhere and the wise, the media can become the source of rumors may become the terminator lies.

once again, even lying illegal can also be considered as a rational choice of technical fouls. For example, a player can take his shots to stop the other penalty or even a penalty and a red card and the risk of tripping the other players. Efficiency is the core rule of Kos as the representative of the economics of law, law and economics, the efficient breach is clearly put forward the view that the party in breach of contract liability for breach of contract is greater than income when rational choice. Kos mentioned the case and the case in the cattle train "the problem of social cost", that all social practice cost-benefit formulas of the economics of law can be applied to the outside of the contract.

also has a strong reason why a lot of people who are role models don’t mind telling lies. Ronaldo program lists human rights leader Martin Ruud Kim, is to mislead the public opinion to distort the facts, the manipulation of the media’s disgraceful to achieve the purpose of anti apartheid, although the objective itself is correct. Everyone remembers Confucius in the "Analects of Confucius" in the sentence "letter, resolute". But this sentence is "the words"


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